Dinner @ Kimchi Restaurant

I can feel myself gaining so much weight this Chinese New Year. Been having outside food most of the time. Anyways, Sister and I went to Kimchi Restaurant at Regent Square for an authentic Korean meal. We arrived pretty early coz we were starving as we did not have any light food after our brunch buffet at Goldiana Cafe & Restaurant this morning. Sister and I were supposed to go together on my last birthday but it was closed for renovation for about two weeks. *dang*

We arrived early. 6:00p.m. and I think we were the second customers to arrive. Hahaha … There weren’t so many options for us as we can’t have beef and chicken somehow is not that nice as we do eat chicken almost every other day. But I can say that their complimentary side dishes were good! The preserved kimchi was marinated with the right flavor and it’s crunchy.

Let me show you what we ordered! We actually ordered too much for two persons. Hahaha … xD

1. Dalgyal Mari

This is the appetizer. It’s actually omelet with seaweed rolled inside the omelet. It tastes bland and therefore, you need to eat when it’s served hot. For those who likes normal bland food, this may be the right appetizer for you coz there’s only a little bit of artificial flavoring or perhaps none at all.

Price: B$.3.50

2. Dol Sot Bibimbap

There’s nothing much to rave about this particular rice dish. The waiter mixed the chili paste for us right on the spot when he brought it to our table. So, we don’t have to worry about unbalanced blending. Hahaha … 🙂

Price: B$9.95

3. Jangeo Gui

This is the main highlight of tonight’s dinner. Grilled eel!!! The eel was grilled to perfection. It was far better than the Unagi Kabayaki that we had at Kaizen Sushi the other night. And this is way more cheaper and the portion looks bigger. In actual fact, they were about the same in size. It’s about presentation. The Unagi melts in your mouth. The sauce was flavorful and not thick. The Unagi at Kaizen Sushi was slightly overcooked.

Price: B$11.95

4. Kimchi Jeon

Well known as kimchi pancake. I prefer the ones from Kitaro at Leicester Square, Chinatown London and Pines Restaurant in Gadong. There’s something missing but couldn’t identify what is it. 🙂

Price: B$7.95


Price: Considerably reasonable for the portion that it offers.

Customer Service: Good, food came pretty fast after ordering.

I would highly recommend Kimchi Restaurant if you wish to have some authentic Korean dinner. And go for the Jangeo Gui if you are a big fan of Unagi! 😉

Dim Sum Brunch Buffet

Had Dim Sum Brunch Buffet with family and friends at Goldiana Cafe & Lounge this morning. It was supposed to be at Vanda Restaurant, since it’s Chinese cuisine. But they switched to the lobby restaurant – Goldiana Cafe & Lounge. I remembered that reviews had been pretty good but I think it was just average from my point of view. Some of you may not agree with me coz it depends on different taste buds.

It’s B$12.80 per pax which is considerably reasonable with the food they offered. They were quite a lot of selection but we arrived late, hence we were only left with limited choice. But we tried to get as many Dim Sum as possible since they are closing their Dim Sum counter for the day. We do not go for second round as we were too full after first round. We are just not that big eater. Hahaha … 😉

It’s food pictures time! Anyways, do not ask me for the names of the Dim Sum coz I don’t really know their names! 🙂

That’s all for today. Gotta keep up with some of my own personal works. Hahaha … Till then. Ciao~ 🙂

Coming up next – Kimchi Restaurant, Regent Square. Stay tune!

Review: Kaizen Sushi Waterfront

Here is my review on Kaizen Sushi as promised in my previous post.

It was a little hard finding parking space nearby Kaizen Sushi assuming that most civil servants have received their monthly pay. There are Fratini Portview and Ideal in the same area. So, we decided to park our car at Yayasan basement. We arrived Kaizen Sushi around 7:30p.m. The place was fully packed. Note to self: Always call in and reserve for seating earlier to avoid any disappointment. We were being told that the only seats available were the ones at the bar counter. I don’t usually like to sit around the bar counter coz you will have limited space to place all your dishes. And guess what?! We ordered 7 dishes for just the two of us. Hahaha …

But it was a great experience sitting near to the bar counter as you can see whether your sushi was freshly made or not. All of the sushi were freshly made on the spot when they received orders from customers. Therefore, there’s freshness guaranteed! Unlike Excapade Sushi, they tend to take sushi from the moving train. Saw it quite a couple of times. It doesn’t take long for our food to be served. So, that will be an extra point for them. Staff were very friendly and courteous. They greet you when they see you and say thank you when you are about to leave in Japanese.

Okay … Let’s start with the food that we ordered, shall we? 🙂

1. Unagi Kabayaki

This particular dish was the first to come and it ain’t cheap at all. B$14.40 for 4 pieces of Unagi. It’s B$3.60 per piece! Despite being a tad bit overpriced, the Unagi was nonetheless very nice. The Teriyaki sauce was flavorful. Just the right flavor. The meat was soft but Sister claimed that it was overcooked a bit but it’s good enough.

2. Shitake Moriawase Tempura

I liked this a lot. The Shitake mushrooms were fried with tempura batter. It was crispy and crunchy. The Shitake mushrooms were so juicy even though it was deep fried. Some other blogger blogged about Kaizen Sushi at Beribi Branch and she introduced this. She complimented a lot on this particular dish and said that it is a must-try dish. It’s B$6.30 per dish with 3 Shitake mushroom. Along with the Shitake mushrooms were Enoki mushrooms and perhaps sliced Abalone mushrooms?

3. Sashimi (Sake)

Salmon! The freshest that you can get in town. Even Excapade Sushi can’t compare! There is no hint of raw smell or whatsoever. You don’t even need wasabi to cover any unwanted smell. I tried to eat it even without soy sauce and wasabi, and it was still nice. 🙂 In terms of the price, it’s B$12.60 for 10 pieces.

4. Ebi Tempura

Due to my kiasu-ism to order almost everything that other food bloggers claimed to be nice, we were already full before we even start on this dish. In the end, we asked the waitress to have it takeaway for us. My mom said that it was nice. 🙂 Ebi Tempura is of the same price as Shitake Moriawase Tempura.

5. Sushi Combo Set

A combination of variation of sushi. I liked their Unagi Sushi. Basically, I liked any kind of sushi with Grilled Unagi on it. This is B$18.00 per platter.

6. California Temaki

This is not mine. I don’t like Temaki. Unless it’s wrapped with Grilled Unagi only. Hahaha … It’s B$4.50 per piece.

7. Tamago Maki

The cheapest dish that we had ordered. It’s only B$1.80. Despite being cheap, it is still nice.

That concludes what we ordered for two throughout the entire dinner. Overall bill was B$65.90 inclusive two cups of Ocha, which is B$1.00 per cup. We did not take much pictures of the environment coz we were sitting at the bar counter and it’s not nice to “trespass” to the other areas to take pictures and disturb the other customers having their dinner. I went to their washroom before leaving. It was nicely decorated. The floor wasn’t normal mosaic tiles but stones ground. And as you walk into the washroom, you can smell a hint of floral fragrance.

One last picture …. A shot of their staff busy preparing food.


Price: A tad bit overpriced. But for the atmosphere and food that it offers, it was well worth it.

Food: Freshness guaranteed!

Customer Service: Staffs were friendly and courteous. But it took them very long to come with the bill and the change.

Here is my piece of advise for you. Always remember to go with a fat wallet as you might not be able to budget yourself coz there are so many things to order!

CNY Blueberry Cream Cake

Good morning! I know it’s almost lunch time but who cares? 😉

Anyways, we got a huge (not that huge maybe?) Blueberry Cream Cake from one of our lady bosses this morning. Initially, we thought that it was an ice-cream cake. So, we decided to share it among office staffs earlier just in case if the whole cake melted off if we left it untouched for too long and not putting it inside the fridge. There were several reasons why we chose not to store it inside the fridge. First, it’s not nice not to share with the rest of the staff if they saw the cake inside the fridge. Second, it’s not enough to share among 50 staffs anyways. Third, the fridge is to small to store the cake and lastly, the fridge smelled of garlic and we do not want to contaminate the cake with garlic smell.

Little did we know that it was just an ordinary cream cake. It took our kitchen lady so much effort and strength to slice the cake. She can even lift the whole cake off the flat pan beneath the cake while her knife is still stuck in the cake. Now you can imagine how hard the cake is! The cake comes with a 3D design of a lion. We were curious why the baker chose lion instead of dragon when it’s a dragon year. And it has got golden chocolate coins on the side as decoration!

Coming up next is the review of Kaizen Sushi! I am so looking forward of tonight’s dinner.