Review: Secret Recipe, The Mall

It seems like I don’t blog as much as I used to anymore. It used to be at least an entry per day, but it’s an entry every few days nowadays. Hahaha … Not that I don’t wanna blog, it’s just that I don’t have the topic to blog about. As you can see, my blog is all about food and products’ reviews.

Anyways, let’s get back to what I intended to do in the first place. Some of you might not know Secret Recipe. It’s a Malaysian franchise restaurant specializing in cakes! I like their Black Forest Cream Cake especially when it’s freshly flown in from Kuching or KK. When I was still working at my previous workplace, I would reward myself with a slice of their Black Forest Cream Cake with a cup of Black Coffee if I am working on early shift and finishes work at 5p.m. They have this special promotion from 3:00p.m. to 6:00p.m. whereby you’ll get a free cup of Black Coffee or Tea on the mentioned time during weekdays. I think the special promotion doesn’t apply on weekends.

Shit … I kept on going out of topic. Now stay focus!

As usual, Jia accompanied me the other night coz I insisted that I wanna sit in her new car. Hahaha … So, I did not drive to work and waited for her to pick me up from the office. I do love the feeling of not having to drive and someone driving you. Hahaha … It’s been like that ever since I got my license.

Jia told me that she is on a diet so she had her dinner at home before she picked me up. So, it’s only me having dinner. She ordered for a glass of Fresh Watermelon Juice and I got a glass of warm plain water for myself.

I got myself Chicken Steak Burger with Fries for dinner. You must be thinking that I am a weirdo for ordering this at Secret Recipe. I don’t like the Chicken Lasagna at Secret Recipe coz it’s too dry for my liking. They serve good Prawn Macaroni with Cheese though but I don’t feel like having it that night. I ordered Chicken Steak Burger with Fries coz they used chicken thigh instead of the usual chicken breast meat for the patty and the size of the patty is huge. It’s bigger than the bun itself. The patty is fried to perfection. Super juicy and tender but I think it’s a bit too salty. Nevertheless, it still tastes great. 🙂

Let me show you the size of the chicken patty. Big or not?

I guess this is all for now. Till then. 🙂


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