Mango Snow Ice With Peach Cubes & Milk Snow Ice With Coco-Crunch

I think I am a weirdo! I went to watch This Means War for the second time yesterday. Went out with a friend yesterday after work. We were supposed to have dinner together after work. But my manager brought me to HQ office yesterday afternoon before I had my afternoon tea. I am already starving by 5:00p.m. and I don’t think I could wait till dinner at 7:00p.m. So, I had my dinner at work earlier. I did not have any rice. Just a few pieces of chickens and lots of long beans omelet. They were nice! I think I had too much to the extent that I felt extremely full when I was washing my dishes away. Hahaha …

Friend picked me up from work at 7:00p.m. and told me that he is not feeling hungry at all coz he had late afternoon tea at 4:00p.m. with a bunch of his university classmates. Fair enough! So, we skipped dinner and went for dessert instead. He had a glass of Pearl Milk Tea at TeaBox, The Mall. I used to craze for their Milk Tea during college days but not anymore. Maybe I have grown up not to like those drinks anymore? 🙂

Went to buy movie tickets for the 9:45p.m. of This Means War show. I was so lucky few Sundays ago. I only paid B$4.00 for a movie on a Sunday! No one believed me. But it’s true, you know???!!!!

Here comes the highlight of today’s blog entry. Mango Snow Ice with Peach Cubes and Milk Snow Ice with Coco-Crunch.

I liked this picture a lot. It may not show a clear picture of the snow ice. Anyways, let me show you the clearer pictures of what we ordered. 😉

I hope you can differentiate between the snow ice and the flavored topping. I know the picture is so blue in color but there is nothing that I can do coz I am not using any high spec digital camera. It’s just an ordinary compact digital camera. The orange or brown color solid cube thing is the peach. The whiter bits is the snow ice itself which is mango flavored and the powdery thing atop the snow ice is sour plum powder. You might think that the whole combination is weird. But surprisingly, it was good. It usually goes with mango syrup but the Cashier told me that they ran out of the mango syrup. All they have got left is chocolate syrup, strawberry syrup, sour plum and some other weird flavorings which I think would make the whole thing taste weird. I thought the sour plum that the Cashier mentioned was in syrup.

Friend finally got what he wanted. Milk Snow Ice with Coco-Crunch. He wanted to order this the last time we went but they said they don’t have the ingredients or what. I think you can guess what are the ingredients by just reading the name of this dessert. Well, it’s milk flavored snow ice with Hershey Chocolate Syrup, Coco-Crunch and chocolate powder. Friend claimed that the snow ice only had the slightest taste of milk. Not really strong but it was nice afterall.

Hope you enjoyed reading. Ciao~~ 🙂


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