Nanjing Day Tour (Part 2)

Coming back with the second part of Nanjing day tour. Set out for Nanjing City Wall after we had our scrumptious lunch at Nanjing Impressions (南京大牌擋). It wasn’t a long ride from Lion’s Bridge Street Food to Nanjing City Wall. It was about 5 – 10 minutes car ride.

Here is a brief description of Nanjing City Wall which I quote from one of the pictures taken with the brief introduction of the place.

Nanjing City Wall of the Ming Dynasty consisted of the Palace City Wall, the Capital City Wall, the Outermost City Wall and moats around each of them. The existing Nanjing City Wall is the Capital City Wall of the Ming Dynasty.

In the period from 1366 to 1393. Zhu YuanZhang the first emperor of the Ming Dynasty, successively enlisted over a million people to build a City Wall in Nanjing on a large scale. Zig-zag-ing for 35.267 kilometers around Nanjing. The City Wall extended itself in a spectacular form, enjoying the reputation of high and firm in China. Having undergone more than 600 years, the existing Nanjing City Wall still retains it’s previous magnificence.

In 1988, Nanjing was rated as an important unit of cultural relics under national protection.

Nanjing City Wall

The adhesive that put all these bricks together was the juice of glutinous rice. Surprisingly, it can last so many years.

Xuan Wu Lake

Most favorite picture of myself throughout the entire trip.

Jiming Temple behind me.

We walked to Jiming Temple. There is nothing much to see at Nanjing City Wall apart from the view of Xuan Wu Lake. The one thing different about the temples in China and the temples in Malaysia and Brunei is that you need to pay for entrance fee, even though you went for prayers only. Entrance fee is RMB7 per person and it came along with 3 joss sticks per person.

Different god and goddess were put in different temples. You can go into different temples to say your prayers to the god or goddess you wish to talk to, but there is only one place where you can burn your joss sticks.

This is where you put your burning joss sticks after saying your prayers.

We found a special looking dog at the entrance of Jiming Temple while waiting for our tour guide to bring around his car. We were wondering what kind of animal was it. Dog? But it has the head of a lion! Then we decided that it must be a dog, couldn’t be a lion on the loose.

My father was intrigued with the nature of the dog, went “chasing” after it so that he could have a picture of it on his phone. He even stood in front of the dog and gave it a stop signal like what a traffic officer would do at the traffic light. It was such a hilarious sight. Surprisingly, the dog somehow understood his instruction and let him have a picture.


Does it looks like a lion? Or it’s only me with bad eyes? xD


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