Nanjing Day Tour (Part 3)

Covering on Yue Jiang Tower (阅江楼) in this post.

We set out for Lion Mountain after touring around Jiming Temple. Lion Mountain is the place where Yue Jiang Tower is located. You can either choose to take the stairs from the bottom of the mountain or take the lift which can directly bring you to the top of the mountain. After hearing that we needed to climb the stairs from the bottom of the mountain to the top, my mom decided not to tag along and just wait for us at the bottom of the mountain.

But our tour guide said that she can always take the lift but lift fee is RMB3. Tour guides in Nanjing have special passes which allow them to go to all local attractions for free which includes the lift fee, I assume. So, our tour guide offered to accompany my mom if she wishes to take the lift. But all three of us – dad, Sister and I chose to take the stairs. So, she doesn’t want to be left out and decided to take the stairs with us.

It was a winding path and the stairs get steeper the higher you get. There was another family with another tour guide arriving at the same time as us. But they chose to take the lift. When the tour guide informed them that they can either take the lift or stairs, one of the girls in the group immediately responded that they will take the lift instead. Good choice, if you don’t wanna risk running out of breath. It was an exhausting climb and I was pretty much out breath when I reached the top.

We weren’t even halfway yet and my mom was already tired. LOL!

Never ending series of stairs. *sigh*

Mom’s expression – finally!

Set out for Yue Jiang Tower after a little bit of resting and some time to catch our breath.

Yue Jiang Tower from distant.

Yue Jiang Tower has a total of seven floors. It was pretty cool inside the tower so the “climbing” wasn’t that hard. When you get to the top of the building, you can see the broad river scenery. Below are the pictures of the views that we saw from the top of the tower.

Gonna cover on Jiang Xin Zhou and Confucius Temple next. Till then. Ciao~

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