Reunion Gathering

I just had a reunion gathering with a bunch of college mates few days ago. It was supposed to be a reunion gathering of 7 people but one of us cannot make it. So, it’s only 6 in the end. The last reunion gathering that we had was three years ago at a restaurant called Double Star around Pelita area.

Three years later, we had another reunion gathering with different attendees at Sea Village Seafood Restaurant. Our dinner started at 6:00p.m. Alan, Andrea and I were the first to arrive, followed by Patrick, Elsey and Ing. I think our table caught too much attention from the other diners. We must be very loud coz we received stares from other diners occasionally throughout the entire dinner.

I was looking back at the group picture that we all took three years ago. I was comparing both pictures. Time sure does flies fast and we have all grown to be working professionals!

Here’s a picture of us three years ago taken when we were all happy bunch of fresh graduates,

and three years later!

I think none of us have changed drastically. Ing still has the same fringe, Andrea with the same hair but slightly longer and slim as usual. Hahaha … Enough with the comparisons. It was fun catching up with them. At least, we know what is going on with their lives. We should have this kind of gathering at least once in a year.

We ordered a table full of food. The dinner was on Andrea. Alan claimed that the food served at Sea Village Seafood Restaurant were good but I think they were just average.

1. Stir Fried Deer Meat with Ginger & Onions

I liked this the most. The meat was juicy and tender. Not dry at all. And it was perfectly marinated. Thumbs up!

2. Stir Fried Midin with Red Wine

Hmm … The taste of red wine is just minimal and I think my mom can cook this better!

3. Bitter gourds with 3 Eggs

I don’t usually eat bitter gourds but surprisingly, I find this quite nice. But I did not have a lot of it. Just minimal. It’s cooked with normal eggs, salted eggs and century eggs. I liked the combination of these three eggs.

4. Stir Fried “Ma Li Cai” with Eggs

I don’t really like this and I think it could have been better. Most people would usually “twist” these “Ma Li Cai” with both hands before they were being cooked. But I think they were under “twisted”.

5. Fried Squids

Alan claimed that the Fried Squid at Sea Village Seafood Restaurant are good. But I think the flour batter were not done properly and the batter was a little bit soggy when you put them into your mouth. In short, they were not fried to perfection. But the combination of salad cream with the fried squids was good and I would say that the squids were pretty fresh too.

6. Sizzling Pan Japanese Bean Curd

Hahaha … I know this picture was badly taken. Anyways, can’t judge this coz I did not have any of it. Seriously, I am pretty fed up of Japanese Bean Curds. I usually have it like once in a week at work. Japanese Bean Curd is supposed to be a nice dish but it’s not something that you would want to eat everyday.

7. Black Pepper Crab

Crab is not something that I like to eat coz it’s time consuming and the eating gesture doesn’t look good at all! I think the chef put too much black pepper coz it was pretty spicy. Ended up both Elsey and Alan finished the whole thing off.

The total bill is RM105, considerably cheap due to the exchange currency. Our gathering ended at around 8:00p.m. coz Elsey has some youth club that she needed to attend.

2 thoughts on “Reunion Gathering

  1. Sea Village Seafood Restaurant. May i know where this it? Near which part of the miri?
    I once had crab with my friend many years ago. But i couldn’t remember where this it. Wanna bring my family there because the crap dish is cheap.

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