Foot Reflexology @ Thann Sanctuary, Brunei

If you have been constantly keeping up with my blog, you would have known that I am quite of a big fan of Thann Sanctuary despite the price is on the steep side. I don’t go very often. Sometimes like once in two months. I had been trying to maintain once in a month but then it always clashes with my time of the month. Whenever I wanted to go for a massage session, it’s always the time when “Aunty Red” came to visit me.

I was busy with a Charity Expo last weekend that my Company participated in and I was required to provide assistance at our sales booth. Been standing for two whole days and my legs were sore. So did my foot soles. Wearing flats was never a good idea. And I don’t have a pair of decent sneakers that goes well with my slacks. So, I went to work with a pair of sandals that I bought from U.R.S Inc a month ago. And it doesn’t do any good too. At least, my toes weren’t as hurtful as my foot soles.

So, I drove myself to Thann Sanctuary which is located in Kiulap and the same building as Capers Italian Pasta & Pizzeria yesterday after lunch at home. It was during lunch hour and everywhere was congested but I managed to find a perfect parking spot. Hahaha … I went for my Foot Reflexology without any reservation. Luckily, the spa wasn’t packed so I can still get my massage without any reservation. I was greeted by my usual masseur.

I was being brought to a room with three huge comfy couches. Each couch was separated by an aquarium. Firstly, the masseur would bring in a bucket filled with warm water which is infused with rich mineral lemongrass bath salt for you to soak your feet. Then the masseur will proceed with massaging your back and shoulders whilst waiting for your feet to fully soaked up. The shoulder massage was extremely comforting and relaxing. But excruciatingly painful when she hits on certain spots at the bottom of my back. It must be very sore down there. The masseur advised me to come for another session of massage to relieve the tensed areas.

I was told to sit back and relax on the coach after the shoulder and back massage was completed. The masseur went away for a while with the water bucket and came back with a pillow alike pouch filled with beads inside and it’s warm. She will drape the pouch over your shoulder and it’s warm. The purpose of the heated pouch is to loosen up tensed muscles.

Massage was 30 minutes and it was comfortable. I am considering getting a 60 minutes Foot Reflexology next time. A 30 minutes session of Foot Reflexology is B$25.00 and B$45.00 for a 60 minutes session. I have also reserved a 90 minutes session of Sport Recovery Massage for this Sunday and I am expecting it to be an extremely painful session. Hahaha …


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