Review: Fun Toast Kopitiam, Airport Mall

For those of you who had been regular patrons of Airport Mall, you would have definitely realized that a new coffee house was opened in the premise. Fun Toast Kopitiam has the same concept like Toast Box and Ya Kun Kaya Toast in Singapore. If you have been to Singapore, you would definitely recognize these brand names. I’ve tried both Ya Kun and Toast Box on my last trip to Singapore. Unfortunately, Fun Toast Kopitiam does not live up to my expectations as compared to Ya Kun and Toast Box.

Fun Toast Kopitiam is located in front of Kaka Restaurant and next to the loos in Airport Mall. Anyways, here are a few snap shots of the kopitiam.

The place is designed with the concept of a kopitiam. See the old traditional sliding gate?

Their staff don’t bring your food to you as it was stated on top of the cashier counter that it’s self service. But surprising enough, the staff brought our food to us yesterday coz we went there near closing hour. Hahaha …

Jia and Eldie, my supper companions for the day.

Food pictures ahead …

Polo Yao | B$1.60

Polo Yao, otherwise known as Polo Bun. Typical bun which you can find in any breakfast cafe in Hong Kong. The bun was sliced in between and it comes with a slice of butter or cheese, couldn’t remember exactly.

Happy boy

Hmm … Judging from his facial expression, the bun doesn’t taste great. According to Eldie, the Polo Yao was both hard and dry.

Jia and I both shared Fun Toast Set E, priced at B$3.00 which comes with two soft boiled eggs, coffee or tea and and a sandwich with ham and cheese. Both Jia and I were not impressed with the presentation of their food. Firstly, the eggs were not washed properly. I know people don’t usually wash the eggs before cooking. Well, I do. There were dirt on the surface of the egg shell!

They don’t look that bad in picture but they indeed looked dirty to the both of us. Secondly, Jia complained that the eggs were cold. True enough, only the shell felt a bit warm when it should be boiling hot that you couldn’t even hold properly with your hands. Whenever I had my breakfast set at Cheezbox Cafe & Restaurant, their soft boiled eggs were usually extremely hot.

The bread was not toasted long enough and they tasted average only.

Overall Rating: 6 out of 10

Verdict: Customer service was average only. Food presentation and quality were not up to my expectations. They are still room of improvement. If you were to ask me if I would return to try their other dishes, I don’t think so.


2 thoughts on “Review: Fun Toast Kopitiam, Airport Mall

  1. Err… This is simply copy the Fun Toast coffeehouse from One Raffles Place and One Shenton, which is one of the most popular dining place in CBD! Of course, the food is not up to their standard!!!

  2. Fun Toast quality is highly dependent on the individual stores because this is a terribly mass franchise. They give out licenses to whoever can afford it and the master franchise owner doesn’t care afterwards.

    So it is entirely up to the individual franchisees to sink or swim and likewise control how good or bad their food quality is.

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