Review: Tony Moly Essential Mask Sheet Pack Aloe

Good morning!

I was going through my skincare stash drawer yesterday evening and I found out that I am almost finishing majority of my facial sheet masks except for those from Laneige and My Beauty Diary, which means I can start buying facial sheet masks again. Hahaha … I am gonna bring about at least 7 pieces of facial sheet masks with me on my next Melbourne – Gold Coast trip. If my Sister wanted them as well, guess that it’s gonna run out sooner! Hahaha …

The reason why I can have so many products’ reviews on sheet masks for the past couple of days was because I had been using them on daily basis. As Chinese New Year is approaching, I wanna look my utmost best in pictures for my next holiday getaway. Who doesn’t want to look good in pictures anyways? Hahaha … xD Like a friend of mine who permed his hair few weeks ago, everyone had been telling him the hairstyle looked kinda awful on him. It took him a few weeks to be convinced that it really looked awful on him and he went to straighten it back on Christmas day.


This is the last piece of Tony Moly sheet mask that I have right now. Time to stock up next month! Finishing them gave me plenty of excuses to buy more. Hahaha … Anyways, Tony Moly has various range of their sheet masks. The most inexpensive and basic sheet masks that they have are Natural Pulp Essence and Essential Mask. But I personally preferred Natural Pulp Essence range more than the latter. Reason being, the texture of the sheet mask is a lot thinner and it sticks onto the face much better.

I have tried another sheet mask, Nature Republic Given By Nature Aloe Mask Sheet on the night before I tried this. If I were to compare the both of them, I would say I liked the one from Nature Republic better coz it has the same texture like those from Natural Pulp Essence. However, the fragrance level on the sheet mask from Nature Republic is higher. The fragrance level of the above product is lower but you can still smell the scent when you retrieved the sheet mask out of its packaging. I wouldn’t say it smelled exactly like aloe. Aloe itself doesn’t have a strong scent, anyways. It smelled more like some hair shampoo which I had used before but couldn’t remember which one, maybe Vidal Sassoon.

Frankly speaking, I am not so satisfied with the product effectiveness. The sheet mask dries up rather quickly despite the sheet mask can hold the essence pretty well. Upon removing the sheet mask from my face, I couldn’t see any difference that it did to my skin. It doesn’t brighten up my skin complexion like others sheet masks did. Neither did my skin felt moisturized and soothed. But what I liked about the sheet mask is that it fits perfectly onto my face.

1. Fits perfectly onto my face.

1. Doesn’t brighten up skin complexion.
2. Couldn’t see any difference that it did to my skin.

Overall Rating: 3 out of 5

Price: B$2.90

Repurchase? Nope

Review: Nature Republic Given By Nature Aloe Sheet Mask

Work had been hectic for the past few days. I was supposed to come home early this evening but ended up working extra hours. Sometimes, I do wish that I have a normal working hour of 5 days per week and 8 hours per day! Some of my friends are now enjoying their night in Miri while I am stuck here working my ass off. Andrea was back from Singapore for the weekend. I am supposed to visit her this Sunday but then I was required to work on that day. Of all Sundays, why this Sunday? *sob sob*

Anyways, enough of ranting about my work and personal life. Surely, it would have the bored the hell out of you. Hahaha … xD


Got a few sheet masks from Nature Republic when I was in Miri during the weekend of my birthday last October. Friend was gobsmacked when he saw the way that I shopped. Well, I wouldn’t call myself a shopaholic but I was so obsessed about sheet masks at that point of time. Hence, the shopping frenzy for them. But then, I kinda slowed down on purchasing sheet masks lately after seeing my overflowing skincare stash drawer. A few of my friends who had seen my overflowing drawer even asked me when am I gonna finish them all? Hahaha … Soon, I guess? They even teased that with the supply that I currently have, they could even last me for the next 2 years. I mean those full size bottle skincare products from Laneige, Shiseido and Biotherm. Quite true. *embarrassed*

Upon opening the seal of the package, there is quite a strong whiff of scent coming out. It has a very cooling scent. As a matter of fact, I think it smelled like cucumber more than aloe vera. Or I got them both mixed up. Hahaha … The texture of the sheet mask is extremely thin, just like those of Natural Pulp Essence range from Tony Moly. The sheet mask was extremely wet with the aloe vera essence. Application wasn’t messy and the essence doesn’t drip much. The sheet mask was a bit bigger than my face but then they stick perfectly onto my skin. But the essence dried up rather quickly, like in about 15 minutes?

In terms of it’s effectiveness, I would say it lived up to my expectation. But effect was pretty short term though, only lasted for the night. But I liked the refreshing scent and the soothing feeling when it was applied onto my face.

1. Inexpensive.
2. Refreshing scent.
3. Soothes my tired and fatigued skin.
4. Brightened up skin complexion instantly.

1. Dries up rather quickly.

Overall Rating: 4.2 out of 5

Price: RM5.90 (~B$2.40)

Repurchase? Yes!

Review: Etude House I Need You, Royal Jelly! Sheet Mask


Honestly speaking, my impression towards Etude House sheet masks hadn’t been a great one previously due to the horrible pattern and it’s inability to hold the essence properly. But fortunately, Etude House I Need You, Royal Jelly! Sheet Mask proved me wrong this time. I almost gave up on the product after my disappointed experience with Etude House I Need You, Green Tea! Sheet Mask. I find the packaging of Etude House sheet masks to be quite cute. As a matter of fact, majority of Etude House products have cute packaging. Hence, my skepticism with their products in the first place.

Okay, let’s talk about Etude House I Need You, Royal Jelly Sheet Mask. According to the product packaging, this product contains highly nutritional royal jelly which restore skin health and soothes the skin after being damaged by pollution, debris and weather. It helps the skin to maintain smoothness, softness and luminosity. I quite like the scent of the sheet mask. It ain’t strong and quite acceptable. But whether or not it contains high level of royal jelly is another different story. I have yet tried any sheet mask which contains royal jelly extract before. So, I couldn’t compare the concentration level of the royal jelly. As usual, I would leave the sheet mask in the fridge for at least a few days before application. This is actually based on personal preference. You can choose not to anyways.

Prior to application, I would deep cleanse my face with a cleansing oil, facial scrubs and facial cleanser, then followed by my usual toner. The sheet mask was extremely wet with royal jelly extract essence. The essence dripped a bit when I was applying it onto my face. But unlike the previous time when I was using their Green Tea version, it was dripping bit by bit for the 20 minutes of application. I was too tired yesterday so I decided to laze on my bed while reading a Kindle eBook from my iPad till I dozed off. Woke up in the middle of the night and realized that the sheet mask was still on my face!

I can see that my face was all moisturized this morning. It was soft and supple! The product did work as what it claimed to be on the product packaging. The difference was obvious when I was applying my usual skincare products on my face this morning, they got absorbed onto my skin faster and it’s smoother than usual!

1. Inexpensive.
2. Minimal fragrance level.
3. Smooth skin on the next morning.


Overall Rating: 4.3 out of 5

Price:B$3.90 (B$3.50 with 10% discount)

Repurchase? Yes!