Roasted Milk Tea With Grass Jelly @ Ochado, The Mall Brunei

Went out this morning as I needed to get my working shoes repaired as the soles were coming off even though I had only worn it less than two weeks. It started to get comfortable so I am not getting rid of it just yet but getting it repaired instead. Went to The Mall as I had planned to get a orange colored shoulder bag from Charles & Keith which I was interested in. Liked it the moment when I saw it last Sunday. It looked nice on me when I tried it on last Sunday but sadly, it doesn’t looked good on me today. Maybe it was my outfit problem. So, walked out of Charles & Keith without anything.



Went back to Ochado again today to try another drink – Roasted Milk Tea with Grass Jelly. Again I had it with 75% sugar level only. Liked the texture of their grass jelly, not sure if they were homemade but they definitely tasted different compared to the canned ones sold in local supermarkets. They were smoother and they just glided smoothly down your throat without having to chew. However, I think the milk tea lacked the taste of tea but milk only. And I think the amount of ice cubes were too much for me. Maybe I should have requested for lesser ice next time.


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