Miri Skincare Buys #1

Good morning! I planned to do a food review on Silverspoon Cafe.Restaurant today but I guess you all might be bored looking at food pictures posted on this blog all the time. So, I decided that I am gonna do a full compilation of the skincare products which I bought from Miri last weekend. They were not as much as how much I used to buy on my previous Miri weekend trip in October but I was still being scolded for buying too much and not even bothered to throw away the boxes before going through Custom at Sungai Tujoh Checkpoint. Friend had always reminded me to throw away the boxes so that I won’t be liable for any customs tax and duty when returning back to Bandar from Miri. But the thing is, I like to bring back my skincare products as a whole instead of the body without the cloth on. Hahaha … And thank God, I managed to get by safely this time as well without getting taxed.


My most expensive splurge on my last weekend trip in Miri was a bundle set of 3 products from Kose at the price of RM347. I actually wanted to get the Kose Sekkisei Lotion 360ml alone but the BA at Kose told me that they ran out of stock for 360ml as they were all being transferred for the sale of bundle set deal. So, I have to buy the bundle set deal out of no choice. But not completely though, since I used the other two products from the bundle set deal as well.


Kose Sekkisei Lotion 360ml | RM255


Kose Sekkisei White Powder Wash | RM124


Kose Sekkisei Lotion 100ml

The BA made a mistake with the display of the bundle set deal. When I first saw the deal on display, it was RM347 which comes with Kose Sekkisei Lotion 360, Kose Sekkisei White Liquid Wash and Kose Sekkisei Sun Protector N. But in actual fact, the above deal was actually priced for RM400+. So, the actual products given for RM347 deal is Kose Sekkisei Lotion 360ml, Kose Sekkisei White Powder Wash and Kose Sekkisei Lotion 100ml. It still sounds great to me since it’s the Kose Sekkisei Lotion which I wanted and Kose Sekkisei White Powder Wash works great on my skin as well. So, it’s still a win-win situation.

As I had almost used up all the cleansing oils which I bought last October, I came back for more cleansing oils this time. But unfortunately, the selections were not as much as it used to be. I wanted to repurchase Kanebo Freshel White C Cleansing Oil, but it was not available at any Kanebo Freshel counters at both Boulevard Hypermarket and Parkson Bintang Megamall. So, I bought Shiseido Aqua Label Deep Clear Oil Cleansing from Boulevard Hypermarket. I wanted Shiseido Aqua Label Moist Cleansing Oil actually, but it’s not available at Boulevard Hypermarket.


Shiseido Aqua Label Deep Clear Oil Cleansing | RM39.90

I was browsing for Senka and Pure Beauty products at both Guardian and Watsons. But unfortunately, both of them do not carry what I wanted. Senka products are probably only available in West Malaysia and Singapore. Watsons in Miri do have Pure Beauty but they do not have the Perfect Cleansing Oil. So, I got myself a bottle of Biore Cleansing Oil.


Biore Cleansing Oil | RM19.55

I also bought two pieces of SexyLook sheet masks from Watsons with my purchase of Biore Cleansing Oil. Super love the brand after I had tried their SexyLook Pure White Radiance Duo Lifting Mask. Wanted to buy one whole box of their sheet masks but unfortunately, none of the beauty store in Miri carries one whole box but they were all sold at individual pieces at the price of RM5.90 each.


SexyLook Moisturizing Duo Lifting Mask | SexyLook Extra Brightening Duo Lifting Mask

I had also requested Ing to get me some L’occitane hand creams from L’occitane on her last trip to KK two weekends ago. I wanted Spring Cherry Hand Cream but the BA told her that it was out of stock so I requested for Lavender and Shea Butter. These hand creams were made ideally for traveling purpose of 30ml each. They were priced at RM38 each at any L’occitane outlets across Malaysia.


L’occitane Lavender Hand Cream | L’occitane Shea Butter Hand Cream

And finally, one last piece of skincare product which I bought last weekend – My Beauty Diary Cooling Mask. I bought this from a shop which specializes in Taiwanese brand skincare products. I couldn’t remember the name of the shop but I remembered that it’s located just right next to the shop selling products introduced on My Queen (女人我最大).


My Beauty Diary Cooling Mask | RM39.90

The original retail price is RM39.90 but it’s currently on 20% discount on majority products sold in the shop. So, I got this for RM31.92. Which I think is super dirt cheap when one whole box of My Beauty Diary sheet masks is sold for about B$26.90 in Brunei. But of course, My Beauty Diary Soothing Mask is still not available in Guardian Brunei. But nevertheless, it’s still cheap.

So, till we meet next time. Hope I did not bore the hell out of you. xD


6 thoughts on “Miri Skincare Buys #1

  1. May i have those Sekkisei products?? I’m very interested in those so much xD :9 Sexy Look is a Taiwanese brand is it?

    • Hahaha …Unfortunately, I had started using them. Kose products are really good. I am really considering switching to Kose when I have finished my Shiseido products! And their pricings are not as steep as Shiseido’s.

      Yeah .. SexyLook is a Taiwanese brand.

      • How was Sekkisei?? Ugh i want to own them so badly lol. Maybe you can donate your Shiseido to me then LOL! Kidding xD That SexyLook brand look dodgy tbh lol idk why. But knowing it’s a Taiwanese brand which has always offered many great brands of sheet masks, it might be promising! And wow that’s so cheap the price of My Beauty Diary Mask you got there 😮 It’s almost half of our price here 😡

    • Sekkisei is good on my skin so far. No breakout since I used it last weekend. Fragrance and alcohol level are minimal to me. At least, it doesn’t reek both alcohol and fragrance.

      Have you ever tried My Beauty Diary sheet masks before? To be honest, I personally think that SexyLook sheet masks are better compared to My Beauty Diary in some ways. In terms of texture, My Beauty Diary is better. But when it comes to moisturizing effect, SexyLook won big time.

      And it has “ears” for both the face and chin mask so that they don’t slip off from your face. But if you have a wide face, then it might be hard to get the ears hooked. For me, it’s okay but kinda tight.

      • I heard some people on the web said it contains quite high alcohol though! I saw some Sekkisei with medicated too. What’s the difference?? No i’ve never tried My Beauty Diary masks ever 😦 For sure i’ll try it if i go buy them overseas. The one in Brunei is overpriced 😦 Hmm shall look more on SexyLook! Good thing it comes with the ears feature 😀

    • I am not sure with the level of alcohol on Kose products. Well, as long as the product doesn’t irritate my skin during application or causing me breakouts, I am pretty much okay with them. Hahaha … If I were to compare the alcohol level between Shiseido and Kose, I think Shiseido lotion reeks of alcohol smell a lot more than Kose.

      I had seen plenty of reviews stating that this Kose Sekkisei is a medicated products. I think it is coz it seems to work on my sister skin when she has a very sensitive skin too.

      They said My Beauty Diary is the cheapest in Hong Kong. But RM31.92 for a box of 10 pieces is already a steal for me. Hahaha … SexyLook is still not sold in mass in East Malaysia but I guess they are much easier to be found in Singapore, KL, Taiwan, China and Hong Kong.

      Yeah … The advantage of SexyLook sheet masks is that they came with ears and their moisturizing effect is amazing! You should definitely try it out someday.

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