Of Random Things #10

It’s a surprise to me that I managed to come up to 10 posts on “Of Random Things” until now. Apparently, it’s easy to come up to 10 posts since you can basically blog about anything you like. No need for any specific reason to blog about it or them. Anyways, I switched back to Artistry Pure White Essence for my night moisturizer yesterday evening and found out that the consistency of the liquid had turned runny. I knew that it wasn’t originally runny but slightly thick in texture. Sent InG a text message on Whatsapp whether it’s normal when my Artistry Pure White Essence had turned runny in liquid consistency.

Hahaha … Expected to receive an earful when asking this. Turned out I was right afterall coz I indeed received an earful from her since it was me who traded in my Artistry Essentials Soothing Creme with her for a new bottle of Artistry Pure White Essence. I was being told that Artistry Pure White range was made out of natural ingredients, hence they would oxidize if you don’t finish the product in within a specific time span. The product is still usable though, but lack effectiveness compared to before. InG asked me to ditch my Artistry Pure White Essence and go for the new Artistry range – Youth Extend, if I am not wrong. Told her that I still have a drawer full of other skincare products.


Picture to support my above statement. LOL!

Review: Skin Food Chlorella Nose Clear Patch

I bought this with Skin Food Egg White Pack the other day. Haven’t gotten round to try it until few evenings ago when I felt that my skin complexion looked kinda blotchy. I think I have tried majority Korean brand nose strips in the Brunei market apart from the ones at Holika Holika. Reason being, I have encountered quite a few bad experiences with their products. And furthermore, I don’t like the customer services at Holika Holika either. Calling me judgmental, I don’t care. I am just voicing out my personal experience and opinion.


I bought this from Skin Food at Times Square branch. I actually wanted to try their Black Bean Nose Pack but I was being told that it was sold out. I was wondering if it’s that good enough to be sold out or they have not been stocking up on that particular product? Anyways, I was kinda curious on how Chlorella would smell like on a nose patch. I have tried those Chlorella tablets before, which my mom made me eat when I was a kid for health benefit reasons.

Funny enough, it doesn’t smell anything like the Chlorella tablets which I used to eat. As a matter of fact, the smell is quite nice. Maybe they added fragrance so that it doesn’t smell that bad? I am not gonna talk about how this product is gonna be used since there is direction description on the product itself in the picture above. Click to enlarge if you are interested.


The pack is green in color since Chlorella is originally green in color, I suppose? I find the result not to be of satisfactory as compared to the other nose strips that I had previously tried. It was only able to pick out one or two stubborn blackheads on my nose. And the rest of them were just sebum. It dries up pretty fast thought but unfortunately it left a bit of stain on my nose when I pulled the strip off. So if you were to ask me if I am gonna buy a second piece of this product, I would definitely give you a big NO as an answer.

Overall Rating: 3 out of 5

Price: B$1.60

Repurchase? Nope.

Of Random Things #9

I was telling my Sister about my blotchy skin complexion that I am having since few days ago. She said that it could be due to stress or hormones. Hahaha … Now that I carefully think back what she had said, I think I am experiencing both, hence the blotchy skin complexion. As I mentioned in my previous post that work had been a wee bit hectic lately and hormones could be due to the fact that my “red aunty” is due to visit me very soon, probably the time when I am in Singapore. Please don’t come so soon so that I can try some of the nice foods in Singapore!

Anyways, Sister suggested that I change the routine of my skincare or maybe change the brand of my skincare coz my skin might not be working with the old skincare products which I had been using for the past few months or maybe a year ago. To be honest, I temporarily switched from Shiseido to Biotherm the other night when I saw that I had so much freebies samples which I have yet tried in my skincare stash drawer. Well, those skincare did not do much goodness to my skin. As a matter of fact, they made the blotchy-ness even more visible until I pampered my skin with Laneige Multiberry Yogurt Peeling Gel and Elizabeth Arden Clear The Way Mask.

I am currently still using my first bottle of Shiseido White Lucent Brightening Protective Emulsion SPF15 since 2 years ago (yeah, I know). And I have no intention to use the second bottle anymore since it takes forever to finish one whole bottle! So, I suggested selling it to my Sister.

And here’s our funny Whatsapp conversations …


My marketing strategy – free Kose Sekkisei White Powder Wash. LOL!


She tried to bargain her way into half price. *sweat*


And she said that it’s a bad offer … *pfft*

Of Random Things #8

Countdown: 4 more days till my weekend getaway trip to Singapore. I have a confession to make here today. Surprisingly, I don’t feel that much excited about going to Singapore next Friday since yesterday. Not idea why, but it’s just that the excitement suddenly vanished into the thin air without any apparent reason. Well, maybe not but I don’t feel like admitting to it at this time. Anyways, work had been a wee bit hectic since yesterday.

Whenever I planned for a overseas holiday trip, there are bound to be a couple of trivial matters cropping out days before I am due to go. It’s not the first time but I guess as long as I am able to arrange them accordingly, I can still go for the weekend holiday that I very much deserved after working non-stop for the past 2 weeks without any rest day.

Anyways, I was planning on getting myself one of those Longchamp Tote bags when I am in Singapore next weekend since Andrea told me that it’s priced roughly about S$180 to S$200. She couldn’t be sure, but it’s more or less about that price. And I was browsing through the images of Longchamp bags and I found this handbag which I absolutely adore! Asked Sister the market price for Longchamp leather bags. She said it’s normally more than S$1K. *gulp*


What do you think? It’s selling for £520 in UK.

Okay, I might know what you had in mind. Beige color, of all colors? Hahaha … If you had actually seen me before, you would realized that I don’t carry black handbag. Truth is, I don’t even think I own any before! I think I am gonna go ahead with either Longchamp Tote or those from Michael Kors before I settle with the one on the image above. Sister is flying over to Europe to attend one of her friends’ wedding by the end of this year. Maybe she could get one for me cheaply in Europe?


Something which I bought from Supa Save, Beribi the other night. Sister recommended me to go for White Tea if I were to drink tea. Not sure why, but that’s what she said to me. When I bought TWININGS Green Tea Jasmine from Supa Save last month, I realized that I had joint pain almost every time I drank a cup of the tea. Chuan claimed that I am showing sign of suffering from rheumatism when I grow old coz his wife experienced the same pain as well after drinking tea, if I am not wrong. Jennie told me that I should go ahead with Camomile Tea since it contained zero caffeine.


Starting to go back to Korean drama series marathon yesterday morning before I go to work. It’s called When A Man Falls In Love (当男人恋爱时). So far so good though.


Lunch today. Tried to take an artistic shot but I think I failed rather badly. LOL!

Of Random Things #7

I just found out that Sushi Tei has already opened up in Brunei at Gadong Central. Found it on the Borneo Bulletin today. Made arrangement to go with Kaylie when I am back from Singapore next month. And guess what? We have another new breakfast place in town at Times Square – Killiney Kopitiam. Killiney Kopitiam operates on the same concept like Fun Toast Kopitiam. Fun Toast Kopitiam is not a franchise chain from overseas but a local business, if I am not wrong. Well, you get so many choices to choose from in Singapore for these kind of breakfast kopitiam – Toast Box, Ya Kun Kaya Toast and so on.


Anyways, I went Supa Save, Beribi yesterday evening after dinner with Jennie at Cottage Grills. Intended to buy some vegetables and maybe some hand gifts for both Andrea and Patrick. Couldn’t find what to bring for them until I was browsing through the aisle of confectionery section. And they have these Arnott’s FarmBake cookies selling for B$4.60 per packet. There were only two flavors for you to choose from – Chocolate Chip and Chocolate Chip Fudge. Sent them the above picture and asked them to choose one each. And guess what they replied me? *sweat*

photo (2)

Lesson learnt – don’t even bother buying hand gifts for your friends working in Singapore when you are visiting them as Singapore has everything that Brunei has, except from those products of Brunei Halal brand. But I doubt both of them would be interested.

Patrick asked why I missed out Max Brenner on my food itinerary in Singapore the other day. And then I asked them if there’s any way that we could try Max Brenner during the time when I am in Singapore. Andrea said it’s okay as long as I am able to slot in a time in my food itinerary. Hahaha … Patrick almost insisted that I should try Max Brenner as their chocolate desserts were heavenly good. I wasn’t so sure about that though since we will be going Awfully Chocolate on the next day. He then send me a picture of a “Chocolate Pizza” dessert from Max Brenner.

photo_1 (2)

Friend did mentioned that this particular dessert was good but don’t go overdose with it as you would feel sick later on. Chocolate overdose is a bit sick. I think that’s one advise that I should listen to from someone who is a huge fan of chocolates and bananas. LOL!

Anyways, our food itinerary is mostly finalized. So, here’s a rundown if you are interested. Hahaha … xD

photo (3)