Of Random Things #1

Hahaha … Two blog entries in an hour. Wondered why I had such title for this blog entry? I couldn’t think of a suitable title for the pictures which I am gonna post later on, hence I came up with this “Of Random Things” title since they were very random and completely unrelated with one another at all.


Ice Blended White Chocolate Dream | B$6.50

My previous all time favorite ice blended drink from The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf (CBTL). But ever since Gloria Jean’s Coffees opened it’s door at Citis Square about 9 months ago, my love for CBTL had started to fade gradually. The last time I had this was probably in last October at CBTL, Miri when they were doing Buy One Get One Free promotion for any ice blended drinks. I had forgotten how sweet this drink was and I missed making request on cutting down the sugar level. Should remember that next time.


Shiseido Senka Perfect Oil | RM35.91

Shiseido Senka products had been receiving good feedback in across Singapore and Malaysia and I had seen a couple of beauty bloggers reviewing about this product. I was scouting for this brand in my previous Miri Weekend Getaway trip at Watsons. But the Sales Assistant told me that the Watsons outlets in Miri does not carry this brand. And since friend flew to Kuala Lumpur (KL) last weekend, I requested him to get one bottle of this for me along with Pure Beauty Perfect Cleansing Oil. But unfortunately, the latter was out of stock. So, he only came back with this for me. Original retail price was RM39.90, if I am not wrong. But Watsons is currently doing 10% discount on selected beauty items.


A thank you gift from friend for providing him a 3-stars hospitality at my place last Friday. I asked him why it was only 3-stars. He said it should be 2-stars only since my place doesn’t come with air-conditioning but water heater system, so he increased the rating to 3 stars. *sweat* If I hadn’t known him long enough to understand his lame and cold jokes, I would have probably thought that he is one cocky guy. But thanks anyways.


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