Kolo Noodles With Steamed Mui Choy With Pork Belly

Good morning! It’s finally weekend. I have made plans with Kaylie that we are gonna go for food hunt tomorrow at several new restaurants in town and a pedicure session at Nails&Wax in the afternoon. A small give out for you to kill your suspension, it’s a Japanese restaurant which was just officially opened in less than a month ago? If you are interested to know more about the restaurant, come and drop by at my blog by tomorrow evening and you’ll get your suspension answered! Hahaha … xD

Anyways, I am supposed to be doing a skincare product review on Skin Food Egg White Pack (Peel Off For Nose, Forehead & Jaw). But then I have forgotten to transfer some of the products’ pictures, so I’ll leave it to some other day. This is gonna be a short post on the breakfast that I had this morning. My mom made the whole family some “kolo noodles”. The noodles were actually the ones which I bought the other day for Wonton Noodle Soup.


The noodles looked rather bland to me on it’s own. Hence, I had an extra side dish with the leftovers of Steamed Mui Choy With Pork Belly (梅菜扣肉) from yesterday’s dinner. Click here for the recipe if you are interested. Of course, that’s not a recipe from my mom but a link which I found on the Internet for your reference. My mom had her own version of recipe for the above dish, which I am not sure what they are either but I am pretty sure that she included dried shrimps in the broth.


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