Review: sasatinnie Aloe Vera Yogurt White Repair Mask

Good morning! Here comes one of the skincare reviews to be included on the list.


sasatinnie Aloe Vera Yogurt White Repair Mask

I am not sure if anyone of you had heard of sasatinnie. But I am pretty sure you could have guessed which shop carries this brand. Yeah, you are right. sasatinnie is a home brand of Sasa. I got this when I was in Singapore in early of the month when I was looking for SexyLook sheet masks at Sasa. The SA told me that they longer keep stocks for SexyLook products apart leftovers of SexyLook Intensive Moisturizing Black Cotton Mask and some of those SexyLook Hello Kitty sheet masks.

The SA recommended this home brand of theirs when I told her that I am looking for sheet masks which has the ear hooks thingy for both the face and the chin. As far as I know, LoveMore sheet masks were pretty much the same like SexyLook. But unfortunately, they don’t have LoveMore either. sasatinnie sheet masks were having a promotion back then whereby you can get the second box at the price of S$1.95.


Anyways, let’s dive straight into the main point. The main function of the sheet mask is to remove dead cells and brighten skin complexion at the same time. Yogurt would remove the accumulated old dead cells and and facilitates the absorption of moisturizing ingredients. And as usual, aloe vera would be the ingredient for moisturizing and hydrating effect. I learnt my lesson well enough hence I did not have high expectation when I was trying out the product. Home brand products were usually of budget quality as compared to those “original” products. The texture of the sheet mask were thicker than any other My Beauty Diary sheet masks but about the same thickness as other SexyLook sheet mask. The texture must be thick enough so that the cotton doesn’t rip whenever you try to pull the hooks to your ears if you have a broader face mass.

The sheet mask was of course a little bit small for my face hence the nose part wasn’t fully covered when I pulled the hooks to my ears. The essence was generous enough but not as generous as those from SexyLook. But what I disliked the most about this sheet mask was that it smelled like floor detergent. It has no scent of anything close to either aloe vera or yogurt but liquid detergent. When the sheet mask was fitted “snugly” onto my face, I experienced a stinging feeling on my cheek areas but they went away like a minute later. The sheet mask dries up faster than any other brands of sheet masks which I have previously tried.

When I removed the sheet mask like 20 minutes later,  I don’t see much difference that it had done to my skin complexion except for brightening effect. Well, your skin complexion would usually brightened up most of the time after application of a sheet mask whether or not the sheet mask is effective.

1. For both the face and chin.
2. Ear hooks so that the sheet mask stays on the face and chin without slipping off.
3. Brightened skin complexion a bit.

1. Disliked the scent, smelled like floor detergent.
2. Not much difference that it had done to my skin.
3. Dries up faster than any other sheet masks which I have tried.

Overall Rating: 2 out of 5

Price: S$14.95 (6 pieces)

Repurchase? No.

Of Random Things #21

And again, I forgot about this. Hahaha … Surprisingly, I would always remember to blog about random things automatically like after one week of forgetting. It’s kinda weird though. Anyways, it doesn’t matter since I am here to blog about random things again. It’s food this time, as usual.


Ice Blended White Chocolate Dream | B$2.75

Notice the cheap price of my Ice Blended White Chocolate Dream? If you are a huge fan of The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf White Chocolate drinks, you will be excited about this. You may have known this, but I am still gonna say it out here. In conjunction to the 50th Anniversary of CBTL, they will be giving 50% discount on all White Chocolate drinks! Those drinks included in the promotion are Ice Blended White Chocolate, White Chocolate Iced Latte and White Chocolate Latte. This promotion is not only available across Brunei but in Miri, Kuching and Kota Kinabalu as well. I am sure gonna get my White Chocolate fix when I am in Miri next weekend!


It’s Dragon Boat Festival soon so it’s normal to see dumplings stowed in my home fridge but this came way too early. Hahaha … Jia and her family made some the other day. And they gave my mom a few. The dumpling may not look yummy in picture but it tasted quite good. Usual dumpling is made out of pork but this one is Halal. Hahaha ….

Review: Shiseido AquaLabel Deep Clear Oil Cleansing

Bioderma may be very easy and nice to use but I got tired of it after some time. And seeing that I still have a huge stash of cleansing oils in my skincare drawer, I decided to take out Shiseido AquaLabel Deep Clear Oil Cleansing and started using it. I bought this when I was in Miri last March. I was almost running out of cleansing oil back then hence I bought quite a few bottles in one go. Well, not of the same product but various brands of cleansing oils. Friend thought that I went nuts. Hahaha …


According to some information that I have gathered, Shiseido AquaLabel released different ranges of their skincare products. Just like the usual Shiseido products that’s so famous in the skincare market. As for the blue bottles’ range, it’s for brightening effects. The descriptions or branding was not so obvious as compared to Shiseido White Lucent. So, you might get mixed up once in a while unless you are super duper familiar with the brand. Like myself, I have to check the Internet every time when I decided to purchase this brand to check out which is for brightening and which one is for moisturizing.

I have read and heard so many positive raves about the product. It’s one inexpensive cleansing oil and yet effective at the same time. I used to be skeptical over inexpensive cleansing oils regarding their effectiveness. And when I first tried Kanebo Freshel White C Cleansing Oil, my skepticism towards them completely vanished. That’s when I decided that there is no need to buy those expensive cleansing oils anymore. Hahaha …

LOL! Let’s not get sidetracked anymore. Anyways, the consistency of the liquid is pretty runny as compared to any cleansing oil that I have previously used. I think the consistency is about the same like Shu Uemura Fresh Pore Clarifying Gentle Cleansing Oil that I previously used. Some people may like the scent, but I don’t really like it. It smelled like rose water. At first, I couldn’t pick out the scent. But after a while, I realized that it smelled exactly like “air bandung”. Hence, the main fragrance ingredient for the cleansing oil is most likely to be rose essence.

The cleansing oil was able to emulsify into white milky colour instantly when it gets in contact with lukewarm water. And washing off was easy as well as it doesn’t leave the skin feeling oily and sticky. But unfortunately, this cleansing oil clouds eye vision like most of the cleansing oils which I had previously tried. The cleansing oil cleanses well as I don’t see any dirt stain left on the cotton pad when I wiped Kose Sekkisei Lotion onto my face. And what’s best is that the cleansing oil doesn’t break out on my skin.

1. Inexpensive.
2. Cleanses well.
3. Emulsify quickly when gets in contact with lukewarm water.
4. Doesn’t leave any oily or sticky feeling after rinsing off.
5. Doesn’t break out on my skin.

1. Don’t like the scent.
2. Not available in Brunei..

Overall Rating: 4.5 out of 5

Price: RM39.90 (~B$16.90)

Repurchase? No (Please do not get the wrong idea, I am not repurchasing because I do not like the scent.)

Review: Shiseido Anessa Perfect UV Sunscreen EX SPF50+ PA+++

I am finally doing a review on this product after having purchased it for almost half a year. The reason why I bought it in the first place was because I was preparing the necessities for my previous trip to Gold Coast and Melbourne last February during Chinese New Year. As you know, Gold Coast is surrounded by beaches, hence sufficient protection against the glaring sunlight is necessary.


Shiseido Anessa Perfect UV Sunscreen EX SPF50+ PA+++

Some of you may not have heard of Shiseido Anessa. Some may even asked, Anessa is under Shiseido? Well, Anessa is indeed a subsidiary brand of Shiseido which mainly focuses on products for sun protection. They have various types of this sunscreen but in different packaging. I did not take note of the rest because this was what being recommended to me when I poked around for sunscreens at the Shiseido counter, Hua Ho Yayasan last February.


The consistency of the liquid is very runny as you can see that the liquid was flowing downwards as this picture was taken the other day. Unlike Shiseido Multi-Defense UV Protector SPF50 PA+++ which has a flowery scent, this one came almost fragrance free. It has a bit of scent but it was too mild that you couldn’t even pick up what it smelled like. In terms of the texture, it’s almost similar like Shiseido Multi-Defense UV Protector SPF50 PA+++. But I think Multi-Defense gets absorbed into my skin faster than Anessa. It’s not oily but I can still feel a little sticky on my fingers even after I had applied the liquid onto my face. The product itself doesn’t break out on my skin like some of the sunscreen which I had previously tried, especially Laneige Sun Block Oil-Free SPF35 PA++.

So if you are in need of a sunscreen, you can always try the above product. If you are comparing in between the effectiveness between Shiseido Anessa Perfect UV Sunscreen EX SPF50+ PA+++ and Shiseido Multi-Defense UV Protector SPF50 PA+++, I think the former may be a better choice judging on the amount of “+” symbols that it had. Hahaha … I don’t know how to explain this but this is some information which I got from Ing previously. Don’t go for double “+” behind PA, make sure it’s triple for maximum protection.

1. Almost fragrance free.
2. Not oily.
3. Doesn’t break out on my skin.

1. Fingers felt a bit sticky after application.
2. Doesn’t absorb as fast as Shiseido Multi-Defense did.

Overall Rating: 3.5 out of 5

Price: B$45

Repurchase? No

My Beauty Diary – Real VS Fake

I had seen various beauty bloggers doing blog entries comparing in between real versus fake My Beauty Diary masks. And I never expected that I would encounter a fake My Beauty Diary mask in real life. You could have probably guessed the reason behind this blog entry. And yeah, you are right. I bought the fake version of My Beauty Diary mask.

As some of you may have known, I bought a box of My Beauty Diary Cooling Mask in Miri from one of the beauty store at Bintang Megamall last March. It was originally retailed at RM39.90 but they were doing in-store promotion whereby all products get additional 20% discount. So, I jumped at the chance and bought a box home. I was already a little skeptical when I first tried the product. I tried to look for the flaws but they seemed normal to me until today when I decided to search online and check for the differences myself!


Fake My Beauty Diary Cooling Mask

The differences may not be easily spotted if you don’t have an original version to compare. But you could have spotted that the colorings were not as sharp as those original ones. And the snow symbol was printed till the side end of the packaging whereby the original ones will stop by the seal. I do not have the original version of the said mask but I’ll do a comparison between the other original version which I have got at the moment. I shall compare it with my original version of Hyaluronic Acid.



As you can see from the above two images, the texture of the fake My Beauty Diary mask is much more thicker compared to the original one. The original one would looked partly invisible when it gets in contact with the skin while the fake one looked very thick. The original version is easier to tear apart but however, the fake version is thicker in texture hence making it almost impossible to tear apart. I read about it from one of the beauty blog which I referred just now and it was indeed true.



Not sure if you could easily spot the differences between both the plastic covers for the sheet masks. But if you observe carefully, the fake version is much more bigger in terms of the width. Everything in the fake version is bigger than the original version, especially the eyes and the mouth. As for the nose area, the original version looked more like a rectangle but the fake version looked much more like a “nose”. LOL! The cut-off at the bottom of the plastic is longer for the original version but a lot shorter for the fake version.


Mexico Cactus Mask (Original) | Cooling Mask (Fake)

If you observe properly, the original version has a sharper and clear coloring while the fake version has a darker tone but looked like it had been printed over a few times.


According to the information that I have gathered, the manufacturing date at the bottom of the packaging would usually be very clear and not easily smudged for original version. You can easily feel the emboss on it. However, it’s the other way round for the fake version. The ink of the manufacturing goes away pretty easily when you try to scrape the wordings with your nails and you couldn’t feel the emboss at all.


And lastly, there is always another emboss at the bottom of the front packaging above the seal at for original version. Not sure if you could make it out from my blurry picture, but there’s indeed emboss on original ones. I have checked all my other original My Beauty Diary masks.

So if you are planning to buy any My Beauty Diary mask anytime soon, be sure that you are careful enough and not getting ripped into buying a fake one. Stay away from buying online unless you are extremely confident that the buyer sells genuine products. As far as I know, both Guardian and Watsons sell original My Beauty Diary products! Buying from online beauty shops may be a lot cheaper than Guardian or Watsons but you cannot be sure if they are genuine or not until you lay your hands on the products itself.