Singapore Shopping Hauls!

Heya! I am finally back to Brunei from Singapore for my weekend getaway of 4D3N trip. I did not do any touristy stuff this time despite I planned on going Sentosa in the first place. Thank God that we did not go coz it was drizzling in the early afternoon on the day we were supposed to go. Majority of my time was spent on window shopping and food hunt in Singapore. The only moment when I truly enjoyed shopping throughout the entire trip was at the Departure Hall of Changi International Airport. LOL!

Today’s post is only about what I purchased when I was in Singapore and I’ll start with skincare products first.


Cure Natural Aqua Gel | S$49.00

I got this from Watsons at ION Orchard. When I was Google-ing online where to buy the mentioned product, I found out that it’s only sold in Watsons across Singapore at the price of S$42.00. But I guess the price had already increased or the blogger bought it on a sales period. I saw that Andrea also had a bottle of it at her place but she reminded me not to use the product when my skin are having breakouts or else it would make the skin condition even worse.


Nose Pack & Charcoal Natural Pack | S$2.00 each

A beauty blogger blogged about this inexpensive yet effective product. This could only be found at Daiso, if I am not wrong. And it’s dirt cheap! I am not sure if it’s effective on my skin, but I’ll know soon enough when I am trying them for myself. So, do stay around if you are interested.


Bioderma Sensibio H2O | Bioderma Sebium H2O | Bioderma Sebium Gel Moussant

Finally got my itchy hands on Bioderma! Despite they were all bought from Guardian, but different Guardian outlets priced them differently though they were the same range or product. I bought Bioderma Sensibio H2O from Guardian at ION Orchard. The original price for Bioderma Sensibio H2O at ION Orchard was S$29.90 but there was additional 20% discount, so it was only S$23.90 each in the end. I got Bioderma Sebium H2O from Guardian at the Departure Hall of Changi International Airport. It was priced at S$27.90 and no further discount. Bioderma Sensibio H2O and Sebium H2O were priced the same at Guardian ION Orchard. And honestly speaking, Bioderma is the best makeup remover which I have tried so far. No wonder everyone kept on raving about it.


sasatinnie Glacier Deep Purifying Mask & Aloe Vera Yogurt White Repair Mask | SexyLook Intensive Moisturizing Black Cotton Mask

Wanted to buy SexyLook sheet masks but Sasa is no longer selling them and I couldn’t find them at Guardian and Watsons either. I told the SA that I wanted those 3D masks which covered the chin part as well, so she introduced me what I got in the above picture. I only realized that I bought Sasa home brand of sheet masks when I was observing my purchases at Andrea’s place yesterday evening. LOL!


Kiehl’s Cucumber Herbal Alcohol-Free Toner | S$28.30

I actually wanted to buy Kiehl’s Rare Earth range from one of their outlets in downtown. But decided not to since there are not much products which are good in reducing the size of your pores unless you go for laser surgery. So, no point of wasting extra money when you obviously know that they would still be there no matter how much you splurge on those pore minimizing skincare products.


I felt like crying when I was at the Kose counter of duty free shops at Changi International Airport. Their Kose Sekkisei Eye Cream was sold for S$54.50 only! The price at downtown was S$82.00 so I asked KinG to buy one for me from Miri since it’s cheaper in Miri compared to Singapore. And I did not know that it’s 30% cheaper at the airport!

Mom asked why did I not get another bottle since it’s so damn cheap at the airport. Well, you don’t need two eye creams when it takes you forever to finish one anyways. Bought the Seikisho Clear Lotion from Sephora at Bugis Plus for S$33.00 and the airport is selling it for S$28.00! Regretted not buying another bottle coz it was good.


L’occitane Hand Cream Spring Cherry & Fleur Cherie

Bought the former from L’occitane outlet at ION Orchard for S$15.50 and the latter at the airport for S$12.80.


Bought a new watch for myself – Swatch for S$175. Sister asked why I got myself a Swatch when she thought I am going for GUESS this time round. I did planned om going for GUESS in the first place but I found them to be pretty expensive and they were not as durable as Swatch. GUESS priorities more on designs while Swatch is more into durability. When I told KinG that I wanted to get a GUESS watch for myself, he told me not to since their engines are not so durable as his started to break down when it’s barely 5 years old.

Everyone complained that I am always getting watches without number! Hahaha … I liked them plain and simple. And this watch is heavy and solid enough for my liking. And the crystal studs at the side made the watch shine even more though they might look hideous when they started to fall out.


I can now understand why both Andrea and KinG are so obsessed with Prada. I was picking out this belt for KinG from Prada at the airport. Well, he asked me to get him one first and he’ll pay me when he sees me back in Bandar. He even kidded that he doesn’t feel like meeting me anymore coz it will only remind him to pay me $$$. LOL!

It took me about more or less half an hour before he finally settled with this belt. Paid S$470 for the belt. He was choosing between Prada and Burberry the night before and I told him that Prada belt looked nicer and classic enough with smart wear while the Burberry looked more casual. When it comes to selecting belt, be sure to avoid complexity and stick with simplicity. They’ll never go wrong.


Despite the price sounded a bit steep for a piece of belt, but it’s definitely worth every penny. The threads were perfectly sewed and the smell of Saffiano leather smelled extremely nice. Even my Coach wallet doesn’t smell this good when I first bought it. *sigh* To be honest, spending on luxurious goods was a pure bliss especially when you are in need of a retail therapy. Despite the belt wasn’t for myself, but the experience of choosing and paying for it was exhilarating enough.


Bought a Longchamp for myself. This is just a temporary fix before I get my hands on the Longchamp leather bag which I had been eying previously. The one that I am after costs about S$1300 at Wisma Atria, Singapore and it’s not available at Changi International Airport when I was there this morning.

So, this pretty much sums up my purchases in Singapore. Couldn’t even bring myself to calculate how much I spent in Singapore when I was being asked this afternoon. LOL! Anyways, food posts shall be up starting from tomorrow. So, stay tune.


2 thoughts on “Singapore Shopping Hauls!

  1. Woah that’s totally a serious splurge going on LOL! XD Seriously, more Sekkisei products?? 😮 Hahaha that’s good it’s cheaper in the airport though! Wow didn’t know some of them have $100 below price tag ^^” And those Bioderma! The green one targets for the oily skin i assume? The Daiso products are damn cheap lmao. i couldn’t ask for more lesser, despite being a cheapskate myself xD I wanna own a Prada stuff too *_*

    On the other hand, i think you should have stayed a bit longer because there’s a Chanel Cruise show debuting in SG. So many famous models & celebs! I know you would probably not excited but just telling xD

    • Hahaha … I personally think that I spent lesser compared to the time when I went Singapore two years ago. Well, majority of Kose Sekkisei products fall under S$100 budget. I think the most expensive price tag for Kose Sekkisei range is about S$82 but of course you could get them way more cheaper at the airport especially when it comes to bundle set deal. But I usually get my Kose Sekkisei products from Miri coz they always have loads of bundle set deals. But of course, you won’t be given any product sample anymore.

      Yeah … Those green bottles Bioderma products are Sebium H2O range designed for combination and oily skin. I am currently using this range. I kept the sample bottle for next time so that I could bring around when I am on a vacation or a weekend getaway trip to Miri.

      Yeah … Daiso stuffs are cheap but whether or not they work is another different story. You can even buy big storage compartment boxes at the price of S$2 each! I wonder how Daiso profits actually. LOL!

      Hahaha … At first, I am not a Prada fan myself. When my friends told me Prada is a lot better than Coach, I told them that Prada is more for middle aged people. Hahaha … And now, I myself started to like Prada, especially their leather. Their leather smelled very nice and felt nice when you tried the texture. But of course, price kinda steep. But my friend did mentioned that splurging S$600 on a Prada wallet is quite well worth coz it can last longer than the Coach wallet which I am using right now.

      Hahaha … Well, I was kinda homesick on the second day when I was in Singapore so I don’t think I would want to stay longer. I was kinda tired and exhausted with work before I went Singapore. And you know that Singapore is not a country whereby you could relax. Everyone is walking so damn fast like there is something big going on. Hahaha … Well, that’s just me. Maybe I am too used to the life in Brunei.

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