Review: FunShabu-Shi Restaurant


Hello! Finally am blogging about FunShabu-Shi Restaurant, which is located at Gadong Central. I have realized that majority of the food establishments had been set up around Gadong Central area lately. Not sure why but you could see Ikura Sushi Restaurant, Sushi Tei, The Xinful Cafe, Yugo Barbeque & Shabu Shabu Restaurant are all located at Gadong Central. Anyways, I have seen quite a few posters of FunShabu-Shi at Times Square and Citis Square since a couple of months ago but never gotten round to try the place until last Sunday with Kaylie.

We did not make any reservation prior to arrival as we don’t think there’s a need for it. We arranged to meet up at 12:30p.m. in the afternoon for lunch but Kaylie arrived earlier. We were there earlier by roughly 15 minutes compared to our scheduled time of meeting. The place was not entirely packed when we arrived, probably the peak lunch hour was already over. As far as I know, FunShabu-Shi serves both hotpot and Japanese cuisine.

But unfortunately, their hotpot menu doesn’t entice me at all. So, I suggested to Kaylie that we just order some of their ala-carte Japanese dishes. I ordered quite a lot that day to the extent that Jia was shocked when she saw the pictures which I posted on my Facebook timeline. Well, they were shared between Kaylie and I. I actually wanted to try their sashimi but I ended up not having any because I couldn’t be sure if they were as good as those from Kaizen Sushi Waterfront.

Let’s hit on the main point, shall we?

I don’t usually order side drinks whenever I go for Japanese cuisine or hotpot. I always have warm plain water. But I felt like having cold drinks on that particular day. Hence, the special order of drinks which I don’t usually have a habit of. LOL!


Red Carpet | B$4.80

Red Carpet is a concoction of strawberry, peach, orange and pineapple. The main reason why I ordered this was because I saw another blogger reviewing about it and she said that it was pretty good. When I was placing the order for this, I specially requested the waitress to make sure that it comes with less ice cubes and lower sugar level as well. Thank God that the waitress did managed to get what I wanted. The drink did came out to be of less ice cubes and lower sugar level. This is quite a refreshing drink. I do highly recommend this drink if you like something for a change.


Tropicana | B$4.80

Kaylie’s drink for the day. It’s a concoction of orange, peach and apple. She doesn’t comment much about the drink so I am assuming that it’s still acceptable? Hahaha … If you like orange, you might like this.

Now, let’s move on to the food dishes.


Takoyaki | B$6.20

I think this came with about 6 pieces in total. It’s actually octopus dumpling with takoyaki sauce. I personally think it’s not bad. The size is a perfect fit for your mouth, not too large and not too small. You can stuff one piece into your mouth in one go. Hahaha … But unfortunately, I find the takoyaki sauce to be pretty salty which is not advisable to eat them plainly. I had to take a few sips of my drink to drain the salt level of the takoyaki sauce.


Agedashi Tofu | B$4.60

I think majority of you knew what is Agedashi Tofu. It’s one of the common dish at any Japanese restaurant. Felt like having tofu that day so I ordered it to share between Kaylie and I. I think she is not a big fan of tofu at all. Hahaha … The tofu was not homemade but from those packaged tofu which you could get from your local grocery store. I find the gravy to be slightly salty as they used tempura sauce instead of teriyaki sauce. I think I preferred Kaizen’s version more.


Tori Katsudon | B$8.20

As usual, Kaylie staple food at any Japanese restaurant. I am guessing that’s the only thing that she eats at Japanese restaurant. She eats beef but they must be grilled and fully cooked. She couldn’t have it mildly cooked. And every time when the Tori Katsudon was served in front of her, she would take some time to remove the leeks and big onion from her bowl. Hahaha … I even joked that why she never considered asking the chef not to include those ingredients. She told me that she did that before but they always came out with the ingredients in the end. LOL! I am guessing that the chef needed those ingredients to make the dish smells and tastes nice.


Tempura Moriawase | B$8.80

Kinda regretted ordering this. This is actually an assorted tempura. Should have gone for something like Shiitake Moriawase or Ebi Tempura instead. There were about 3 pieces of Ebi Tempura and the remaining were plainly just vegetables tempura of carrots, big onions, leeks, aubergines and lady fingers. And the dish doesn’t come cheap too!


Curry Rice Omu Rice | B$8.20

This was my main course of the day. It’s fried rice wrapped in omelette with curry sauce. It was quite good actually, the level of saltiness was just perfect for my taste bud. I was pretty surprised with myself that I managed to finish the whole thing. Hahaha … Guess that I must be starving at that point of time.


Tori Croquette | B$6.20

I have no comment on this as this was ordered by Kaylie. We were both full by the time this was left behind. So, she requested them to be packed as takeaways for her boyfriend. According to her, this is actually chicken with mashed potatoes wrapped in round shape and deep fried with bread crumbs.

Overall Rating: 8 out of 10

Verdict: Customer service was good in my opinion and they were very detail orientated. At least, they take my request into account and I got as what I requested. Food was served promptly after ordering. We were being given 10% discount off the total bill despite we do not have their membership card. The place was pretty spacious in my opinion. But I personally think that their pricing were kinda steep and some of their food were too salty.

FunShabu-Shi Restaurant
Block A, Unit 8-11,
First Floor,
Bangunan Gadong Central,
Jalan Gadong,
Brunei Darussalam.
Tel: +673-2339999


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