Review: Soy Milk With Cakoi @ The Xinful Cafe

Hello! Second post for the day. I know I had previously reviewed about The Xinful Cafe on the day when they just launched their soft opening. I went back for more the other day before I met up with Kaylie for dinner at Sushi Tei. I was a little bit hungry since I did not have proper lunch during the day. So, I decided to stop by at The Xinful Cafe to have some light snacks while waiting for my dinner companion to arrive.


The signage of cafe, which I did not upload previously when I was reviewing the cafe itself. So, if you are still wondering where it’s located, it’s located at Gadong Central right next to Ayam Penyet AP and across Sushi Tei. Jia was asking me about my personal opinion on The Xinful Cafe as she had seen quite a few of her friends posting pictures of their desserts on their Facebook or Instagram. Honestly speaking, I think it was quite okay in my opinion. It’s up to personal preference anyways.


The interior of the cafe.


Homemade Soy Milk With Cakoi | B$3.80

I actually wanted to try their Tau Fu Fah, but unfortunately they were sold out. So, I went ahead with their Homemade Soy Milk and it came along with freshly deep fried Cakoi. I personally don’t really like their Cakoi as they were quite floury and hard in my opinion. I still preferred those from Hua Ho, Yayasan. Hahaha … The Soy Milk was indeed freshly brewed with no preservative in it and not even sugar. The Soy Milk tasted extremely bland. I added in like about 2 teaspoons of white sugar and it still tasted bland. Therefore, the Soy Milk makes it suitable for diabetic and people who are watching their diet.

And honestly speaking, I think B$3.80 is way overpriced for a bowl of Soy Milk and Cakoi. I could easily get hold of a Cakoi for B$0.50 at Hua Ho, Yayasan and maybe B$1.50 for a homemade Soy Milk at any kopitiam. In conclusion, I don’t think I would be trying their Soy Milk with Cakoi any time in the future again.


2 thoughts on “Review: Soy Milk With Cakoi @ The Xinful Cafe

  1. Do you any fresh soyabean & Tau Fu Fah in here Brunei? I would love to try them 😀 I’ve always try the one at Hua Ho lol. Hmm just okay x)

    • Hmm …. I think you can only get them from The Xinful Cafe for the time being. I think I tried homemade soy bean milk from other cafes before but I couldn’t seem to remember where right now.

      I’ll make sure to tell you when I remember or when I came across any while dining out. The ones which I remembered were mostly those non-halal restaurant, I think.

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