Breakfast @ Cheezbox Cafe & Restaurant

Kaylie and I arranged to meet up for brunch at Dynasty Restaurant, The Centrepoint Hotel last Sunday morning. The place was quite packed when we arrived. We were being seated far by the corner and no menu was being given to us when we were seated. To make matter worse, both Kaylie and I tried numerous times to wave for the attention of their waiters or waitresses. There was one waiter whom saw us waving at him and told us that he would be coming back to us shortly, but we realized that he had completely forgotten about us when we saw him strolling aimlessly to the opposite side of the restaurant doing nothing. And then, there was another waitress, we asked for the menu. She came to the tables around us but never showed up with a menu for us. *wtf*

Both Kaylie and I got so pissed off with the customer service they were offering that day and we decided that we would rather have our breakfast elsewhere whereby their staffs are more willing to serve. I told Kaylie that if I would rather if we go to Phong Mun Restaurant or maybe Emperor Court at Manggis Mall. I don’t think I would be stepping my feet into the place again for at least another 6 months to a year. The experience was just plain horrible.

So, that sums up how the both of us ended up at Cheezbox Cafe & Restaurant. Kaylie actually wanted to have breakfast at McDonalds when we came out from Dynasty Hotel. But I don’t feel like having burger early in the morning. So, Cheezbox Cafe & Restaurant it was. Both of us ordered their Western breakfast set which came with choices of either coffee and tea.


And expected, coffee would still be my first choice.


Deluxe Pancake & Hash | B$6.80

This was my breakfast for the day. It came with 2 sunny side up, 2 ham slices, 2 pancakes, 2 chicken frankfurters with cheese, 1 hash brown and a small portion of baked beans. I don’t usually eat pancake but their pancakes were quite good that day. Hahaha … They were soft and fluffy. They tasted even better when you buttered them up. The hash brown was crispy and crunchy. The chicken frankfurters with cheese however was a disappointment to me. They tasted quite bland to me, so I am assuming that they used those budget type instead of those from either BMC or Ayamas.


Two-Two-Two | B$5.00

Kaylie’s breakfast set. She requested not to include baked beans onto her breakfast set but … you can still find it on her plate. Our breakfast sets were generally the same just that mine had more ingredients compared to hers and portion were slightly bigger. Hahaha ….

Both of us were being charged B$0.20 each for Wet Tissues unknowingly which we did not use. I only realized about it when I came home and checked the food bill. When I was still working in Gadong area, their staffs knew that I don’t use Wet Tissue. So, they would prompt me with the question when I am paying for my meal. But this time, they did not ask and charged us B$0.40 into our bill for the thing that we did not use and did not take them with us either. I would for sure remember to inform them that I am not using any of their Wet Tissue the next time I dine at Cheezbox Cafe & Restaurant.


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