Review: Seoul Garden, Aroi Food Court

Had lunch alone today at Aroi Food Court, Yayasan after I had my pedicure done at some salon in town. One of my toe nails had been chipped since weeks ago when I accidentally kicked a flower vase at workplace. I had never heard of Seoul Garden before until about two weeks ago when Jia posted a picture of their food on Instagram. I thought Seoul Garden was located at Rimba but I remembered that the one located there had been shut down quite some time ago. But later Jia told me that it’s located at the food court of Yayasan.

And since I was running some errands in town this morning, I decided to try out the place myself. I rarely have lunch or dinner at a food court for quite some time but I’ll make an exception this time just to try out the food. Anyways, here are the food pictures and my two cents about them. LOL!


Chicken Bulgogi With Rice & Fried Prawn | B$7.50

I couldn’t find anything that I am interested with, hence I ordered this for myself. This was what Jia had previously too. Honestly speaking, I find B$7.50 to be pretty steep judging on the location when it’s not even located in a restaurant but a food court. The portion was good enough in my opinion – 2 chicken wings and 3 pieces of fried prawns.

The Chicken Bulgogi doesn’t taste original at all to me. It tasted just like the ordinary soy sauce chicken that we usually cook at home. At first, I thought the cube chunks with the Chicken Bulgogi were potatoes but they turned out to be pumpkins. The fried prawns however tasted quite good for me. They looked quite big at first glance but it was the batter that made them look deceiving. They used tiny shrimps but coated with thick batter and breadcrumbs. They were fried to perfection and crispy.


The condiments tasted alright to me. I liked their preserved kimchi. The flavoring was just right and they were crunchy. The anchovies were a little bit sweet but nevertheless still tasted nice. The aubergines tasted a bit sour to me, assuming that the chef poured some white vinegar during preparation. I only had a bit of everything aside from the preserved kimchi. Finished the whole bowl of preserved kimchi.


Soup that came with my main course – Cabbage Soup

Overall Rating: 7 out of 10

Verdict: Food tasted quite average to me and I find the pricing to be a little bit steep. But I am pretty sure that I wouldn’t be repeating the same dish the next time I visit the stall again. Perhaps I should be trying their Kimchi Chigae or Gim Bap next because that’s what I saw other patrons to be ordering from Seoul Garden.

Seoul Garden
Aroi Food Court,
Yayasan Complex,
Bandar Seri Begawan,
Brunei Darussalam.


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