My Beauty Diary – Real VS Fake

I had seen various beauty bloggers doing blog entries comparing in between real versus fake My Beauty Diary masks. And I never expected that I would encounter a fake My Beauty Diary mask in real life. You could have probably guessed the reason behind this blog entry. And yeah, you are right. I bought the fake version of My Beauty Diary mask.

As some of you may have known, I bought a box of My Beauty Diary Cooling Mask in Miri from one of the beauty store at Bintang Megamall last March. It was originally retailed at RM39.90 but they were doing in-store promotion whereby all products get additional 20% discount. So, I jumped at the chance and bought a box home. I was already a little skeptical when I first tried the product. I tried to look for the flaws but they seemed normal to me until today when I decided to search online and check for the differences myself!


Fake My Beauty Diary Cooling Mask

The differences may not be easily spotted if you don’t have an original version to compare. But you could have spotted that the colorings were not as sharp as those original ones. And the snow symbol was printed till the side end of the packaging whereby the original ones will stop by the seal. I do not have the original version of the said mask but I’ll do a comparison between the other original version which I have got at the moment. I shall compare it with my original version of Hyaluronic Acid.



As you can see from the above two images, the texture of the fake My Beauty Diary mask is much more thicker compared to the original one. The original one would looked partly invisible when it gets in contact with the skin while the fake one looked very thick. The original version is easier to tear apart but however, the fake version is thicker in texture hence making it almost impossible to tear apart. I read about it from one of the beauty blog which I referred just now and it was indeed true.



Not sure if you could easily spot the differences between both the plastic covers for the sheet masks. But if you observe carefully, the fake version is much more bigger in terms of the width. Everything in the fake version is bigger than the original version, especially the eyes and the mouth. As for the nose area, the original version looked more like a rectangle but the fake version looked much more like a “nose”. LOL! The cut-off at the bottom of the plastic is longer for the original version but a lot shorter for the fake version.


Mexico Cactus Mask (Original) | Cooling Mask (Fake)

If you observe properly, the original version has a sharper and clear coloring while the fake version has a darker tone but looked like it had been printed over a few times.


According to the information that I have gathered, the manufacturing date at the bottom of the packaging would usually be very clear and not easily smudged for original version. You can easily feel the emboss on it. However, it’s the other way round for the fake version. The ink of the manufacturing goes away pretty easily when you try to scrape the wordings with your nails and you couldn’t feel the emboss at all.


And lastly, there is always another emboss at the bottom of the front packaging above the seal at for original version. Not sure if you could make it out from my blurry picture, but there’s indeed emboss on original ones. I have checked all my other original My Beauty Diary masks.

So if you are planning to buy any My Beauty Diary mask anytime soon, be sure that you are careful enough and not getting ripped into buying a fake one. Stay away from buying online unless you are extremely confident that the buyer sells genuine products. As far as I know, both Guardian and Watsons sell original My Beauty Diary products! Buying from online beauty shops may be a lot cheaper than Guardian or Watsons but you cannot be sure if they are genuine or not until you lay your hands on the products itself.


16 thoughts on “My Beauty Diary – Real VS Fake

    • I just ordered a box and it came in today I kinda sorta see engraving on the front and I feel it on the back. I haven’t opened it up yet but I’m pretty sure it’s real. Who did you buy yours from I got mine from ‘Little-dream ‘.

  1. A good deal in guardian and watson for only sgd19.90 for 16packs! and i’m sure they are real since they are sold in guardian and watson (singapore).

    • Yeah, I am pretty sure too that the ones sold in both Guardian and Watsons were genuine.

      16 packs? Does it come with different types of My Beauty Diary sheet masks?

    • Yes, Sasa in Miri is credible but I did not bought mine from Sasa. I bought it from a shop called BeautyMate at Bintang Megamall.

      I couldn’t remember which level was it located but all I remember is that it is next to or across a shop which sells things recommended over My Lady (女人我最).

      Is it cheaper to buy My Beauty Diary from Sasa instead of Guardian and Watsons?

    • Yeah! I rarely buy My Beauty Diary anymore though as I find some other brands to be not bad too and cheaper.

      I used to find the facial sheet masks from Tony Moly to be better than My Beauty Diary before. Perhaps you might want to give them a try? The Natural Pulp Essence range will do!

  2. oh ok sure! I bought My Beauty Diary but rarely use. I feel that the hydrating effect is not that lasting also.
    Maybe i am aging now.

    • I don’t think it has anything to do with aging though. So, not to worry about that issue just yet. =)

      Normally these kind of facial sheet masks do not have a lasting effect on hydration. They normally lasts me overnight only.

      If you want better hydration, I would suggest using those capsule facial sheet masks drenched in your regular toner.

      But of course, it is more expensive than using those ready made facial sheet masks.

    • Nope, I don’t think I bought it from the cinema floor. I think it was either on the first or second floor. But I don’t remember seeing the shop anymore. It’s either closed or moved. The one I bought previously was a fake one as I made a comparison with the one which my sister got for me from Shanghai.

      There are a few shops in Bintang Megamall which sells My Beauty Diary products. There is one which sells products advertised on My Lady and that one is original. It’s the safest to buy from Guardian or Watsons. Guarantee genuine.

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