Review: Shiseido Anessa Perfect UV Sunscreen EX SPF50+ PA+++

I am finally doing a review on this product after having purchased it for almost half a year. The reason why I bought it in the first place was because I was preparing the necessities for my previous trip to Gold Coast and Melbourne last February during Chinese New Year. As you know, Gold Coast is surrounded by beaches, hence sufficient protection against the glaring sunlight is necessary.


Shiseido Anessa Perfect UV Sunscreen EX SPF50+ PA+++

Some of you may not have heard of Shiseido Anessa. Some may even asked, Anessa is under Shiseido? Well, Anessa is indeed a subsidiary brand of Shiseido which mainly focuses on products for sun protection. They have various types of this sunscreen but in different packaging. I did not take note of the rest because this was what being recommended to me when I poked around for sunscreens at the Shiseido counter, Hua Ho Yayasan last February.


The consistency of the liquid is very runny as you can see that the liquid was flowing downwards as this picture was taken the other day. Unlike Shiseido Multi-Defense UV Protector SPF50 PA+++ which has a flowery scent, this one came almost fragrance free. It has a bit of scent but it was too mild that you couldn’t even pick up what it smelled like. In terms of the texture, it’s almost similar like Shiseido Multi-Defense UV Protector SPF50 PA+++. But I think Multi-Defense gets absorbed into my skin faster than Anessa. It’s not oily but I can still feel a little sticky on my fingers even after I had applied the liquid onto my face. The product itself doesn’t break out on my skin like some of the sunscreen which I had previously tried, especially Laneige Sun Block Oil-Free SPF35 PA++.

So if you are in need of a sunscreen, you can always try the above product. If you are comparing in between the effectiveness between Shiseido Anessa Perfect UV Sunscreen EX SPF50+ PA+++ and Shiseido Multi-Defense UV Protector SPF50 PA+++, I think the former may be a better choice judging on the amount of “+” symbols that it had. Hahaha … I don’t know how to explain this but this is some information which I got from Ing previously. Don’t go for double “+” behind PA, make sure it’s triple for maximum protection.

1. Almost fragrance free.
2. Not oily.
3. Doesn’t break out on my skin.

1. Fingers felt a bit sticky after application.
2. Doesn’t absorb as fast as Shiseido Multi-Defense did.

Overall Rating: 3.5 out of 5

Price: B$45

Repurchase? No

17 thoughts on “Review: Shiseido Anessa Perfect UV Sunscreen EX SPF50+ PA+++

  1. My experience with Anessa Perfect UV is the total opposite of yours. I find it lighter and absorbs faster than Multi Defense. But its just really hard to remove even with cleansing oil followed with a foam cleanser. It usually takes 2 rounds of double cleansing to properly remove Anessa Perfect UV. Another thing is my skin gets irritated n itchy around 4-5 hrs after applying this sunscreen. Probably too drying for me even though my skin is oily. I also find it leaves this rubbery film on my skin that I’m not too fond of. But it’s SPF50+ so I guess i can’t complain too much LOL.

    When I first bought this sunscreen 3 yrs ago I loved it so much. But over the years I have tried many other types of Japanese milk type sunscreens and I guess there r better more comfortable sunscreens for me than Perfect UV.

    Funny thing is Perfect UV EX has been discontinued in Japan in 2012 i think and has been replaced with Perfect UV AA which is according to Shiseido removable with regular foam cleanser. I have not tried it as its not available in Malaysia. Anessa range is pretty confusing as there is a diff range in South East Asia and China compared to the ones available in Japan and Taiwan.

    • Yeah … True though. I was surprised too when I was being told that they have Shiseido Anessa at the Shiseido counter in Brunei. But I heard it was only for a limited period of time and they don’t display the products on their cabinets or shelves.

      I knew why it was hard for you to rinse off the sunscreen with cleansing oil and facial cleanser. When I bought this Anessa sunscreen, the BA told me that it’s best if I use Anessa cleansing oil as it’s specially formulated for heavy duty cleansing like sunscreen. But Shiseido Anessa is not easy to locate, so she told me that Shiseido Ultimate Cleansing Oil is good enough to the job as that was also formulated to remove sunscreen.

      I don’t think Anessa is easily found in Malaysia either. I don’t even see it when I was in Singapore last month. But Shiseido in China sells Anessa products at the same counter.

      • Over here in PJ and KL Anessa is available at all Shiseido counters. 3 types r available here, the Mild Sunscreen, Town use and Perfect UV. Combined with the more expensive Shiseido sunscreen its pretty confusing when it comes to choosing which one to get.

        I was told the same thing about the Anessa Cleansing Oil but it’s just too expensive. It’s like 4-5 times more expensive than the Biore im using.

        But u should make sure Perfect UV is completely removed at the end of the day. I wasn’t careful n I suffered some breakouts when I didn’t remove it properly.

      • Hi Claire!

        Sorry for the intervention here. To be honest, majority cleansing oils are able to remove sunscreen properly. There is no way to gauge whether they had been properly or completely removed. Like you said, it cannot be seen. If your face ain’t cleanse properly, you can see yellow stains on your cotton pads when you wipe your usual toner over your face.

        But however, I do find my skin and pores looking clear after double cleansing every day. The safest way to make sure that sunscreen had been completely removed is by doing double cleansing at the end of everyday.

        That is cleansing oil followed by your usual facial cleanser. Some facial cleansers may claim that their products are able to remove sunscreen without using a cleansing oil. I tried one before and it didn’t really work that well compared to double cleansing.

        It may be tiring and bothersome to do double cleansing especially after a long day but it really make a difference on your skin.

        Hope this helps!

      • Usually when a Japanese milk type sunscreen hasn’t been removed properly, my face is less oily especially the nose area. Sometimes when I touch my face I can feel a light rubbery layer. That’s how I usually tell if the sunscreen has not been removed properly.

  2. Oh thanks. I was just wondering how they can see whether it has been removed thoroughly or not besides leaving no stain on the cotton pad after cleansing. What brand of cleansing oil and cleanser you are using? I haven’t read all your posts.

    I only use sunblock and no make-up. Some people say cleanser is enough, some say need an extra step of cleansing oil – double cleansing. I know waterproof sunblock must be cleansed with cleansing oil. You will double cleanse even with just sunblock?

    My skin is very thin and dry. Many cleansers (biore mousse, even the ones over counters) and cleansing oil (shu uemura, bobbi brown) strip the moisture away from my skin and make my skin more wrinkly and uncomfortably dry for days. This is my main problem.

    I manage to find a cleanser which doesn’t strip for my case (f’orlled) . I just bought the Anessa cleansing oil which the BA recommended which i hasn’t tried.

    • I am currently using Bioderma Sensibio H2O Solution Micellaire and Kanebo Impress IC Refining Face Wash. I don’t stick with the same product all the time. I would always switch to a new product when I am done with one.

      I don’t use makeup too but skincare products and sunscreen before heading out from home. It is always good to always do double cleansing at the end of everyday albeit you are not using any makeup. Reason being, you do not know what did your skin picked up during the day so it’s best to remove with a cleansing oil or cleansing water.

      So far, I do not have much problem with cleansing oils but some facial cleansers only. Perhaps you might want to consider Bioderma Sensibio H2O Solution Micellaire? This is formulated for sensitive skin. So far, none of the beauty reviews that I had read before complained about this product.

      It doesn’t have any fragrance and it is just like water. But of course, water with ingredients for makeup removal. The only downside of using Bioderma in Brunei is that you might have to order from Sasa and custom check is a pain on the neck when you are importing skincare for own use into Brunei.

      • I do have bioderma which i bought in Singapore. So that one is enough to remove sunblock esp waterproof ones?
        I watched an episode of ladies first and kevin scolded a lady that if you have waterproof makeup, water (referring to this brand) isn’t going to dissolve it but only oil. Maybe sunblock is ok. Miri guardian and watsons are not selling?

      • A lot of makeup artists use Bioderma in removing makeup so I think it should be safe enough. I think sunscreen are easier to remove compared to waterproof mascara. And I don’t think Shiseido sunscreen is waterproof. Anessa, maybe but definitely not Shiseido Perfect UV.

        Nope, Miri Guardian and Watsons are not selling Bioderma yet. But I think it is gonna be expensive in pricing if sold in Malaysia.

        You mentioned that you have Bioderma. So, do you like compared to other cleansing oils which you had used? Does it strip your skin moisture? And what cleansing oil and facial cleanser are you using at the moment?

        Sorry for the multiple questions in one go. =D

  3. I definitely like Bioderma. Just that i am worried it doesn’t clean enough. But i think it should be ok since it is a highly raved product. It doesn’t strip any moisture, it literally feels like water.

    Most cleansing oil products are kinda stripping. I actually just use forlle’d mousse cleanser all along (bought from a saloon in Singapore) because my protective barrier on my epidermis is kinda damaged due to using the wrong cleanser during my teenage days (body shop tea tree oil cleanser). Most of the cleansers i just make my skin very dry and thinner, when i make expression, there will be lines. Forlle’d cleanser so far is the only one ok for me.

    At the moment i have bobbi brown jojoba cleansing oil and forlle’d cleansing oil. But these also kinda dry my skin. So i think if bioderma is good enough, i will just use that before my cleanser.

    Oh Shiseido is not waterproof. It is written “very water-resistant” on the bottle. So i thought they are referring to the same thing.

    • I think Bioderma would work just fine on your skin since you don’t use makeup apart from sunscreen on daily basis. I don’t use Bioderma all the time though. Only the time when I am lazy to use cleansing oil as I find it bothersome. Bioderma saves me a lot of time when I don’t feel like proper double cleansing. May sounds contradicting but there are times when I just couldn’t be bothered much and that is when Bioderma comes in handy. All you need to do is pour the water onto a piece of cotton pad and then wipe it across the face. =D

      Hmm … I never use much of The Body Shop products but only when I was studying in the UK. I find their products to be too heavy and oily for the weather in Brunei. The only product which I use from The Body Shop is their organic cotton pads. It is by far the best cotton pads which I have used.

      Does your skin sting when you apply toner? You should try Bioderma for a period of time and see if it is okay on your skin. But the only downside is that it is not available in Brunei. And having it delivered into Brunei is quite troublesome especially with the custom in Brunei. Takes forever to arrive and then these skincare products have to go through pharmacist plus 5% custom duty.

      Hmm .. Indeed Shiseido printed “very water-resistant” on their product but I am not sure if it is really that waterproof. But it somehow wasn’t that waterproof on my skin. Maybe i did not apply that much.

  4. My skin doesn’t sting when i apply toner. Does it take forever ? Normally for me, it takes a month to reach me when i order products through or strawberry. I dont know that they have to go through pharmacist. You mean before the post office informing me to collect, they will send to pharmacist? I have not ordered any skin product this year so not sure there is a change or not.
    Hopefully, Miri Guardian and Watsons will import it soon. Why do you think it would be expensive in Miri?

    • If your skin do not sting when you apply toner, perhaps your skin might be able to accept Kose Sekkisei Lotion?

      Hmm … I have once heard from a friend that her parcel from Korea takes about two months to arrive and those were skincare products inside the parcel.

      There was once when I ordered from into Brunei and it took me about two weeks as there were some technical errors at When I received the card informing me that the parcel is ready for collection, the officer-in-charge at HQ post office told me that these skincare products are supposed to be tested by the pharmacist at their pharmacy counter inside the post office.

      But lucky for me, the pharmacist wasn’t on duty that day when I went for collection. It was a Tuesday when I went and the officer-in-charge was kind enough to let me go that time and exempted me from custom duty. She can’t charge me either as my products did not go through pharmacy. But from what I remembered, pharmacist is only on duty every Monday and Wednesday from 9AM to 10AM. Yeah, for an hour only!

      If I got the procedure right, they will hand in your skincare products into pharmacy right after you unsealed your parcel during collection and ask you to return few days later unless you go on the day when pharmacist is on duty.

      Do you still buy from Strawberry? Strawberry used to be quite cheap but I think it is more expensive nowadays. Last time when my sister ordered from Strawberry, they sent via courier service like DHL rather than through the local post office. That was when I was still staying in the UK back then.

      I don’t know why but I think I came across a few items which were overpriced in Miri than in West Malaysia. I can’t remember which items though.

      • I never encounter a pharmarcist when i collected once or twice in bandar 2 years ago, Most of the time, my dad helped to pick up in KB these few years。 They will always charge me for custom duty. I just need to open the parcel and pay. That’s it,

        I rarely buy from strawberry but onlineshoppingx. I think the price in strawberry is about the same as the prices we buy from counter. I couldn’t remember but i think not too huge the difference. Not sure now. These year i didn’t order anything.

      • Ever since my first encounter at the post office, I am not so tempted to buy online and have it shipped into Brunei anymore.

        I would now buy online and have it posted to my friend’s place provided that it’s a Malaysian online shop. That way, the seller would just use PosLaju since it is domestic delivery and no custom clearance is required.

        There is a website which I bought from twice – BestBuy-World Malaysia. I usually buy those sample sized products for them just to test water if my skin can adapt well to the products. It is safer this way rather than splurging on a full size product.

        But I just found out recently that BestBuy-World Malaysia ship to Brunei. But delivery fee varies, depending on the size of the parcel. The highest delivery fee can goes up to RM65. If you have it shipped over to an address in Malaysia, it will be free shipping for purchase over RM150.

        Both their customer service and delivery are good and prompt.

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