Review: sasatinnie Aloe Vera Yogurt White Repair Mask

Good morning! Here comes one of the skincare reviews to be included on the list.


sasatinnie Aloe Vera Yogurt White Repair Mask

I am not sure if anyone of you had heard of sasatinnie. But I am pretty sure you could have guessed which shop carries this brand. Yeah, you are right. sasatinnie is a home brand of Sasa. I got this when I was in Singapore in early of the month when I was looking for SexyLook sheet masks at Sasa. The SA told me that they longer keep stocks for SexyLook products apart leftovers of SexyLook Intensive Moisturizing Black Cotton Mask and some of those SexyLook Hello Kitty sheet masks.

The SA recommended this home brand of theirs when I told her that I am looking for sheet masks which has the ear hooks thingy for both the face and the chin. As far as I know, LoveMore sheet masks were pretty much the same like SexyLook. But unfortunately, they don’t have LoveMore either. sasatinnie sheet masks were having a promotion back then whereby you can get the second box at the price of S$1.95.


Anyways, let’s dive straight into the main point. The main function of the sheet mask is to remove dead cells and brighten skin complexion at the same time. Yogurt would remove the accumulated old dead cells and and facilitates the absorption of moisturizing ingredients. And as usual, aloe vera would be the ingredient for moisturizing and hydrating effect. I learnt my lesson well enough hence I did not have high expectation when I was trying out the product. Home brand products were usually of budget quality as compared to those “original” products. The texture of the sheet mask were thicker than any other My Beauty Diary sheet masks but about the same thickness as other SexyLook sheet mask. The texture must be thick enough so that the cotton doesn’t rip whenever you try to pull the hooks to your ears if you have a broader face mass.

The sheet mask was of course a little bit small for my face hence the nose part wasn’t fully covered when I pulled the hooks to my ears. The essence was generous enough but not as generous as those from SexyLook. But what I disliked the most about this sheet mask was that it smelled like floor detergent. It has no scent of anything close to either aloe vera or yogurt but liquid detergent. When the sheet mask was fitted “snugly” onto my face, I experienced a stinging feeling on my cheek areas but they went away like a minute later. The sheet mask dries up faster than any other brands of sheet masks which I have previously tried.

When I removed the sheet mask like 20 minutes later,  I don’t see much difference that it had done to my skin complexion except for brightening effect. Well, your skin complexion would usually brightened up most of the time after application of a sheet mask whether or not the sheet mask is effective.

1. For both the face and chin.
2. Ear hooks so that the sheet mask stays on the face and chin without slipping off.
3. Brightened skin complexion a bit.

1. Disliked the scent, smelled like floor detergent.
2. Not much difference that it had done to my skin.
3. Dries up faster than any other sheet masks which I have tried.

Overall Rating: 2 out of 5

Price: S$14.95 (6 pieces)

Repurchase? No.


4 thoughts on “Review: sasatinnie Aloe Vera Yogurt White Repair Mask

  1. Hello 🙂 i want to know, which brand is very effective for oily combination skin (also cehap since im a student hehe)? and i also have excessive blackhead problem on my nose. i wanna know how to minimize the blackhead? thanks:D

    • Hmm … I think majority sheet masks in the market are okay for oily combination skin. I also have oily combination skin. I have tried those sheet masks from My Beauty Diary, SexyLook, Nature Republic, Tony Moly, The Face Shop, Missha, Holika Holika and Etude House.

      So far, my best few preferences were still on My Beauty Diary, SexyLook and Tony Moly. You could try Tony Moly too especially their Natural Pulp Essence range. That’s my favorite range of the brand.

      Missha ingredients were too strong hence they burnt my skin quite badly every time I tried to use their sheet masks. As for Holika Holika, they were not harsh on my skin during application but I had quite a bad breakout on the next morning.

      My Beauty Diary and SexyLook are both not so cheap brands but they are of course cheaper than those from Shiseido, Kose and so on. If you are living in Malaysia, then you are in luck coz they are easy to locate at any Guardian or Watsons. But if you are living in Brunei, then options are limited and they are not cheap either. SexyLook is still not available in Brunei just yet. I usually bought mine from Miri at RM5.90 each.

      As for blackheads, just make sure that your pores aren’t clogged. You must clean your face properly every night before you go to sleep especially if you are wearing makeup or sunscreen. Make sure you double cleanse your face every day even if you are using cleansing oil or makeup remover. I have known a few friends who neglected facial cleanser after cleansing oil or makeup remover.

      Make sure that you use scrub cleanser like at least twice in a week. I would use those peel-off nose pack like maybe once in two weeks. I know these peel-off are harsh on the skin but they are pretty effective. As long as you don’t leave them on your nose for too long. When they get hard and dry, peeling off will be painful.

      The reason to blackheads are clogged pores. As long as your pores aren’t clogged, you wouldn’t be getting lots of blackheads. If you are willing to splurge a little, maybe you could have like a facial session like once in a month.

      If you are living in Brunei, you are in luck. I know a BA at Elizabeth Arden, Hua Ho Yayasan whereby she does facial for customers. You don’t have to buy her products. But she does facial at B$25 per session. One session lasts for about 2 hours. She would cleanse, scrub, extract blackheads on the cheek areas, foreheads, jaws and so on. But if you have lots of blackheads on the nose area, she would use peel off followed by mask depending on your skin condition. She would complete the entire facial session with application of Elizabeth Arden products on your face depending on your skin condition as well. She does free eyebrow plucking as well!

      I know this is a way too long comment but I hope they help. =D

      • What do you mean by double cleanse? And yes, im from Brunei. Ohh really? It is consider as affordable as i thought Elizabeth Arden is a very expensive brand. Hehe. Well, would there be an extra charge for the peel off and mask? And should i go there personally to make an appointment for a facial session or i can just go straight there and have facial?

    • Double cleansing means facial cleanser after makeup remover or cleansing oil.

      As a matter of fact, Elizabeth Arden is about the same price range as Shiseido in Brunei. Sometimes cheaper especially when there is sales promotion as they give 20% off during sales period.

      You could try approach the BA at the counter and see if she is free for a facial session at the same time. If she is not free, you could make an appointment with her.

      The B$25 facial session package comes with mask and peel off. There is no hidden cost. By the end of the facial session, just pay her B$25. Hahaha …

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