Review: L’occitane Creme Mains Hand Cream Fleur Cherie

We are almost done with the second trimester of 2013. In just another 29 days, we will be entering the third trimester of 2013. It’s strange how time flew by so quickly.

Anyhow, I will be doing a review on L’occitane Creme Mains Hand Cream Fleur Cherie today. I had been a huge fan of their hand creams ever since my pleasant experience with L’occitane Petal Soft Hand Cream Cherry Blossom. So, I bought another 2 tubes of L’occitane hand creams on my previous weekend getaway to Singapore in the early of May. I got this one from the duty free shops at Singapore Changi International Airport Terminal 2.


As I mentioned previously on my other reviews of L’occitane hand creams, I used to dislike hand creams as majority of them usually leaves my hands feeling sticky and greasy after application. But not when it comes to L’occitane. I was amazed with it’s ability to get absorbed into my skin albeit the generous amount which I squeezed out of the tube. And it goes the same with L’occitane Creme Mains Hand Cream Fleur Cherie.

The texture wasn’t in any way thick but pretty light so that it won’t leave your hands feeling sticky or greasy after application. It gets absorbed onto the skin real quick leaving both your hands feeling all soft and supple just like baby soft skin. I couldn’t pick out what it smelled like but it definitely doesn’t smell like cherry to me despite it’s named under “Fleur Cherie”. LOL!

It smelled quite alright to me when I was trying it out before purchasing. But I find the scent to be a bit put off when I was trying it the other day. In terms of effectiveness, it was a good product but it’s the scent which I couldn’t stand with. It may be okay for you, but the scent is just not for me.

1. Absorbs well into the skin.
2. Soft and supple skin after application.

1. Scent was too overwhelming for me.

Overall Rating: 4 out of 5

Price: S$12.80 (Singapore Changi International Airport Terminal 2)

Repurchase? No.


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