Review: Patisserie Cake Shop

Been meaning to try Patisserie Cake Shop for quite some time but never gotten round to do so until this afternoon. I planned to have a facial session at Elizabeth Arden but then I wasn’t able to contact the BA. Hence, I’ll probably do it on this coming Tuesday because my eyebrows were desperately in need of some trimmings! Anyhow, Kaylie and I decided to meet up at Patisserie Cake Shop for early high tea since my planned facial session was cancelled.

There were only a few patrons when we arrived. There are a few tables inside the cafe but I remembered seeing another few tables on the outside. You won’t even want to consider sitting outside especially under broad daylight unless you don’t mind being a roasted human by the end of your meal. It was freakin’ hot today! Was sweating the whole day despite the number of times I showered. *sigh*


The view of the cafe from where I sat.

Upon seated, we were being given menu. From what I heard, their pasta were good but I wasn’t in the mood for a heavy meal. Hence ordered sandwich and a piece of cake for myself. And yet I said I am not planning on having a heavy meal. LOL! The cake choices were not listed on the menu if I am not wrong. You have to proceed to the cake display chiller to choose what you want. They have quite an array of choices but I had Fruit Flan instead.


Grilled Tuna Cheese Sandwich | B$4.00

My sandwich of the day. It was very good in my opinion. The fillings were generous with cheese melting out. The french fries were deep fried to perfection. As a matter of fact, crunchy as well and soft on the inside. However, the coleslaw was a bit of a disappointment. I think the mayonnaise was too much for my liking.


Grilled Ham Slices Cheese Sandwich | B$4.00

Notice what’s different on the platter? You were given the choice to choose in between chips and french fries. Kaylie chose chips for hers. Quite a surprise to me. The chips were those from Pringles tube. That’s what the waitress told us anyways. Even Kaylie complimented that their sandwich was good.

Now here comes the desserts’ pictures …


Mango Pudding | B$2.20

Kaylie’s choice of dessert. According to her, it was a let down. She said there wasn’t anything special about the Mango Pudding and she had tried better. But she did mention that there were lychee pieces in the pudding though.


Fruit Flan | B$4.00

My choice of dessert, which is a fruit cake as you can see from the picture. The layers of fresh fruits cocktails in between the sponge cake were quite generous. But unfortunately, I find the sponge cake not to be as fluffy as how it should be. So, I am assuming that this cake wasn’t out freshly from the oven not long ago but perhaps for quite a few days already?

Overall Rating: 8 out of 10

Verdict: Customer service was quite good. Food was served promptly as well. A good environment for hangout and catching up with some friends. I had quite a high expectation on their desserts before I went there but ended up with a huge disappointment by the end of the day. But I would give their desserts a second chance some other day. Perhaps I should try their Tiramisu next time?

Patisserie Cake Shop
Unit 10, Block D,
Traders Inn,
Kampung Mata-Mata, Gadong,
Bandar Seri Begawan,
Brunei Darussalam.
Tel: +673-2425618


5 thoughts on “Review: Patisserie Cake Shop

  1. I’m officially jealous at where you live. There are absolutely no cake shops at all in my city. A city of 1 million people and not one cake shop that I know of. And I have been searching for a very long time now. :C
    I’m really glad you had a good time at the cake shop. hahah It’s a shame that your fruit cake did seem fresh. :/

    • Don’t be. I am pretty sure that your place has places that we don’t have it here in Brunei. =)

      They looked fresh to me on the outside but when taste, definitely knew that it’s not the freshest.

      • Yeah. I hate it when that happens. It’s like we were bamboozled in to thinking that cake would be the most amazing thing ever. Kinda like a rotten egg? looks fresh and good on the outside. until you open the egg and smell the fumes. ; ;

  2. Looks classy yet affordable! May i know what are their range of dishes & prices? Would love to try ^_^

    • I couldn’t really remember their price range but I think they were about the same like The Xinful Cafe. The maximum price for cakes was probably about B$4.50 – B$5.00?

      As far as I know, they have pasta, nasi lemak, sandwich and light snacks like combo fries, fritters and so on. Combo fries was B$6.00. They have this Cheese Fries too, I heard it was good and it’s priced at B$4.00 for quite a generous portion.

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