Review: Happy Feet, Zen Spa Kiulap

Kaylie and I went to Zen Spa yesterday afternoon after our high tea session at Patisserie Cake Shop. Happy Feet is the name of the treatment we had yesterday. I called in to make an appointment for two at the very last minute but luckily, they were able to fit us in at such short notice. Well, not exactly very short notice since there was a time gap of about more or less an hour or more before the scheduled appointment.


The guest receiving area of Zen Spa is not as grand as what Thann Sanctuary Spa has. But it’s still good enough.

I am actually more of a Thann Sanctuary Spa person but I would look for new places occasionally depending on which treatment I am after. Kaylie did told me that the foot spa at Zen Spa were quite good but she went to the one at Serusop. But according to her, she preferred Kiulap branch better after what we had yesterday. Upon arriving, we were being given a consultation form just like what I had at Thann Sanctuary Spa previously. But the one at Thann Sanctuary Spa is more comprehensive though. And we were asked if we wanted any drink. I think they provide both plain water and tea.


Plain water


Decorative on the table

After we completed filling in the consultation forms, we were being ushered to the common foot massage room by two of our therapists. As I mentioned above, we had Happy Feet treatment. It’s actually a package which came with foot soak in royal jelly or some sort, scrub and massage. If you go for their normal foot massage, it’s priced at B$28. So, why not fork out extra 2 bucks and you’ll get extra treatments as well? The receptionist at the counter highly recommended us this package since it’s much more money value worth comparing to the normal foot massage.


Feet soaked in royal jelly for about 15 minutes before our therapists start with the scrubbing and massage. Bear in mind that the scrubbing here is not applying lotion with salt grains on your skin, but it’s actually removing those calluses and dead skin cells with filers. And that’s what I needed actually. I used to do foot scrub every time when I was doing pedicure previously. But I decided not to after some time because constant foot scrub may result our foot soles become “thinner”?  LOL!

When you sunk both your feet into the bucket, you could feel the jelly thingy around them. Hahaha … And they smelled like almond milk. I am not a huge fan of things with the scent of almond milk but this one smelled quite mild to the extent that Kaylie couldn’t even smell it. So, I was okay with it. The jelly thingy would turn into liquid after some time when the water had slightly cool down.

In terms of the massaging, I think my therapist did not apply too much pressure on my feet as I do not feel any pain. Or perhaps western foot massage is completely different compared to traditional foot massage? I was practically screaming in pain inside my brain when I was doing a Chinese foot massage back in Nanjing, China last April 2012. But nevertheless, it was still a comfortable foot massage and I felt a bit sleepy by the end of the foot massage.

Overall Rating: 9 out of 10

Zen Spa Kiulap
Unit #9-11, First Floor,
Suria Kiulap,
Bandar Seri Begawan,
Brunei Darussalam.
Tel: +673-2237777


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