Review: Waroeng Penyet, Times Square Brunei

Waroeng Penyet was pretty well received by the locals when it was just opened up not long ago. I did not join the crowd until yesterday evening for dinner with Kaylie. At first, I thought Waroeng Penyet is a restaurant opened by the local people here in Brunei. But it turned out that Waroeng Penyet is sort of a franchise chain restaurant which has several branches around Singapore and Malaysia.



Every Waroeng Penyet branches will have the display of this antique tricycle outside the restaurant itself. I pretty liked the design of their branding, which I find it to be cute. Hahaha … The design of the restaurant was contemporary in my opinion. One may think that it’s a Western or Italian restaurant judging on the design of the entire place.

There have two separate dining areas. If you come to Waroeng Penyet from the side door next to the external escalator coming up from the various banks’ ATM machines, you would find the both dining areas mentioned. The one on the left is where all the dishes are prepared along with the cashier payment counter. But there’s nothing much on the dining area on the right actually as food are brought over there from the left dining area.

To cut the story short, let’s start on the food pictures …. I know that’s what you had been waiting. LOL!


Teh Tarik | B$2.50

I find this to be quite nice albeit tad bit sweet for my liking. But still the combination of milk and tea was well measured. Perhaps the taste of tea could be a bit more stronger?


Ice Milo | B$3.00

Kaylie’s drink for the night. It looked extremely sweet to me with the chocolate syrup strips over the glass.


Ayam Penyet With Rice | B$5.90

For those of you who had never heard of Ayam Penyet, this is actually an Indonesian dish whereby they flattened an entire chicken whole leg part before deep frying them with batter. The crispy bits sprinkled atop of the chicken whole leg was from the batter. The sprinkled crispy bits were a little bit sweet for me. Wondered if they made the batter with sugar. The usual condiments which come with Ayam Penyet are usually deep fried bean curd and tempeh, and raw vegetables like cabbage, long beans and cucumbers. Some place might boil the vegetables first before serving but some don’t. The highlight of Ayam Penyet is of course the homemade chili paste. It’s usually very spicy by Indonesian standard.

I have tried some other Ayam Penyet at some other restaurants whereby their chili paste is not at all spicy. But the one I had yesterday was pretty spicy for me. Kaylie told me that her boyfriend thought that the chili paste served at Waroeng Penyet is not at all spicy. I then said that he must have an iron steel tongue. LOL!


Ayam Panggang With Rice | B$5.90

Kaylie’s dinner for yesterday. Instead of Ayam Penyet, she had Ayam Panggang. Ayam Panggang is literally known as Grilled Chicken in English. It came with a sauce which I am not sure if it’s just plain dark soy sauce or what. But I am assuming that it’s spicy dark soy sauce because I saw some seeds of a chili floating on the soy sauce. Hahaha … The Ayam Panggang looked quite tempting in the picture. But honestly speaking, the fried bean curd wasn’t good enough as it was rather cold when we had it yesterday evening and it wasn’t the freshest either.

Waroeng Penyet
D2D & E, First Floor,
Times Square Shopping Centre,
Simpang: 13-29, Jalan Berakas,
Kampung Jaya Setia,
Mukim Berakas “A”,
Bandar Seri Begawan,
Brunei Darussalam.
Tel: +673-2340848


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