What’s In My Skincare Travel Pouch? #2

Good morning! It’s finally Friday and I am going Miri for a weekend escapade. Wouldn’t call it an escapade really since there is nothing much you could do in Miri anyways. Sister wanted to go somewhere away from Brunei for a couple of days. We intended to go Kota Kinabalu (KK) at first, but then I just came back from Singapore early of last month and I think it isn’t an appropriate thing to do to keep on taking long leaves. Well, 3 – 4 days isn’t what I would consider long but some do!

As usual, it’s important to pack up some skincare products with you if you are going on a trip. Be it short or long, it is still important. So, I packed up a bit of the necessities to bring for my weekend trip tomorrow and here’s what I would be bringing.


I’ll start from the top then coming down from the left.

Shiseido The Skincare Extra Gentle Cleansing Foam: I don’t use this very regularly as my usual cleansing foam. But I’ll always bring this with me when I am traveling. I liked how rich and foamy the lather could be when you worked it up. And it could cleanse my face very well leaving it smooth and squeaky clean!

Bioderma Sensibio H2O Solution MicellaireThis is a mini size version of the famous Bioderma cleansing water. I requested Patrick to get one for me to try first when I traveled to Singapore early of last month. Fell in love with it instantly on my first usage. It was able to remove all traces of dirt on my face without breaking out on me the next day. Price is rather steep though for a small size.

Kose Sekkisei Lotion: Been using this lotion for about two months since I came back from Miri two months ago and it was extremely good. It may reeks of alcohol but it wasn’t harsh on my skin. I even asked Alan to get me another bottle worth 500ml at the price of RM298! It’s a good deal, right?

Kose Sekkisei Emulsion: This is not a full size bottle of the product. I think this was only 70ml. The BA at Changi International Airport T2 Duty Free Shop suggested that I get the trial size just in case if I couldn’t be sure if the product is gonna work out on me. I liked the texture of the product. It wasn’t oily on my skin and it leaves my skin feeling soft and moisturized after application.

Shiseido White Lucent Intensive Spot Targeting Serum+: This is one product which I couldn’t live without albeit the steep price. I had tried alternatives but they break out on me quite horribly.

Shiseido Multi-Defense UV Protector SPF50 PA+++: Had been using sunscreen religiously ever since I came back from Singapore and this is one good sunscreen for my oily skin. It doesn’t break out on me and it leaves a smooth finishing after application. And no white cast as well, if you are wondering about that. LOL!

Kose Sekkisei Eye Cream: Had only started using this eye cream for a couple of weeks. As far as I can tell, it doesn’t do much with reducing the appearance of fines lines and dark circles, but it did a great job in keeping the eye areas moisturized and hydrated.

So, that basically summed up what I am bringing on a holiday trip. Do share yours!


2 thoughts on “What’s In My Skincare Travel Pouch? #2

  1. Someone’s in love with Bioderma :p Haha. What’s up in Miri? Are there more new shops? Long time didn’t go there so i’ve no idea lol. Have a safe journey!

    • Yeah … I am indeed in love with Bioderma but I am not neglecting cleansing oils. LOL!

      Not much in Miri. Still the same but there is a Laneige counter at Parkson already. If you are interested with Laneige products, can consider buying them in Miri next time. Cheaper than in Brunei.

      Bought quite a few new sheet masks. Not much splurge this time round. Just some sheet masks and sunscreens. Bought sunscreens from both Kose and Shiseido.

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