Lunch @ Silverspoon Cafe.Restaurant

I had a catch up lunch with Seng Yee last Sunday at Silverspoon Cafe.Restaurant and Sister followed as well since she arranged to meet up with CS and his wife. Intended to go Citrus Restaurant & Cafe but the place was jam packed as half of the place was reserved for a kiddo birthday. Don’t feel like having any heavy meal as I was still full from my breakfast dim sum with Alan around Saberkas area in the morning. Alan left us before lunch as he had to go back home and pick up his brother for a family dinner at his aunt’s place.


Almond Jelly & Longan | RM3.50

The liquid was practically tasteless. The Almond Jelly was mildly sweet but the preserved longan were definitely sweet. This is definitely a refreshing dessert drink for a hot afternoon. But if you like sweet stuffs, then this might not be for you.


Apple, Red Date & Snow Fun | RM3.00


Blueberry Banana | RM6.90

The greedy Sister ordered this for herself as well for the sake of wanting to know how this beverage would taste like, whether the blueberry taste would be stronger than banana or the other way round. But unfortunately, the banana tasted much stronger compared to the blueberry. Well, what can you expect? Blueberry is definitely not cheap in Miri.


Minestrone Soup | RM6.00


Beer Battered Fish & Chips | RM16.90


Sausage Platter | RM24.00

All 3 above dishes were ordered by Seng Yee himself. Gosh! This guy could really eat a lot. I had a taste of the chip from the Beer Battered Fish & Chip. To me, the chips were a failure as they were extremely soggy and not crunchy on the outside and soft on the inside. The Beer Battered Fish looked appetizing though but Fish & Chips were never my cup of tea for food. The Sausage Platter came with 3 cheese sausages. They looked all juicy. The mash potatoes looked sticky in my opinion though. Both Sister and I ordered a panini sandwich to share when CS and his wife arrived but I did not take any picture of the food. Looked kinda awkward like that since I am not so close with them.

I should have posted my skincare buys by now but I had been too emotionally exhausted and distressed since last Sunday. They will be up in a few days time, so stay tune if you are interested.

2 thoughts on “Lunch @ Silverspoon Cafe.Restaurant

  1. Nyum that Blueberry Banana looks so freakin’ delicious! My kind of ideal quench thirster ❤ That sausage platter costs RM 24?? Woah isn't that kinda too steep xD

    • Yeah … RM24 was quite steep but I was wondering could it be homemade. But I don’t think it’s chicken sausage, most likely to be pork sausages. But they were cheese sausages. Looked all juicy and delicious!

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