Review: Kenny Rogers Roasters, Miri

Here comes my second food post of the day. It’s been a while since I stopped doing food post after my weekend getaway trip to Singapore. But don’t worry, I am gonna flood this blog with skincare products’ reviews in just a few days time. I am extremely sleepy right now due to the lack of sleep yesterday evening. And I could even see dark circles underneath my eyes. *sigh* Perfect opportunity to use the eye mask which I got from Watsons, Miri last weekend.

Anyways, Sister and I both had a late lunch at Kenny Rogers Roasters at Bintang Megamall after our karaoke session at The Terminal. I was already starving before the karaoke session ended and I practically begged them to stop singing and get the hell out of The Terminal. Couldn’t decide where to have lunch so we ended up having it at Kenny Rogers Roasters. Not a fan of Secret Recipe lately and definitely a no to Sushi King. So, Kenny Rogers Roasters it is.


Rock N Roll Pasta | RM18.50

This is way overpriced for a pasta which doesn’t even taste completely genuine. The pasta came with chicken cocktail sausages and a couple of chicken meatballs. The pasta was cooked alright but unfortunately, they were chopped into various portions when served. The pasta is no longer as long as how it should be. The pasta sauce was a bit way to watery in my opinion. And the chicken cocktail sausages were a bit too hard to chew.


Kenny’s 1/4 Lite | RM14.90

Sister main course for the meal. It came with a portion of coleslaw as per the picture above. According to my Sister, the salad were extremely fresh as they were crunchy but way too much mayonnaise, if I am not wrong. She requested for BBQ sauce to go with the chicken. The chicken was roasted to perfection, the meat was tender and marinated well enough. But unfortunately, it was cold when served.


Pandan Muffin

Complimentary dessert for our main course. Sadly speaking, the muffins were undercooked. Mine, at the least. The one which my Sister had was cooked well enough but not mine. It was wet and all floury. It was still warm when served but it’s still undercooked.

Kenny Rogers Roasters
Lot 66B-67, Ground Floor,
Bintang Megamall,
Lot 1657, Block 9, Jalan Miri-Pujut,
98000, Miri,
Tel: 085-414951


4 thoughts on “Review: Kenny Rogers Roasters, Miri

  1. Not gonna lie but that pasta dish looks like my first ever noob dish attempt on cooking pasta! xD Last time i just passed across the Kenny Rogers situated at Giant Rimba & browsed though their menu. I think i would love to try it if get a chance to! 😀 Hey do you like steak?

    • As in beef steak? Nope … I don’t eat beef but I do like Lamb Chop. LOL!

      My impression towards Kenny Rogers Roasters was kinda bad after my experience with their “noobie” pasta and undercooked Pandan Muffin.

      No wonder my colleague said that Kenny Rogers Roasters food are not nice.

  2. Frankly i’ve never been a fan of any meaty food until i tried lamb chop meat which has changed my whole appetite palette recently lol. So i would love to try any good restaurants with lamb chop or steak just to try out. Any recommendation? Everyone says Charcoal is a must try though!

    I feel sorry for your bad experience at Kenny Rogers! Hmm who knows maybe the one at Brunei is better :p

    • Yeah … I heard some said Charcoal BBQ & Grill is a good place to go to for lamb chop. I have never tried their lamb chop though.

      The last place which I had my lamb chop was at Cottage Grills at Mata-Mata Complex. I think it was good but my friend said that their lamb shank was undercooked. Different people different preference, I guess.

      Hopefully the one in Brunei would be better. But going to Giant Rimba is quite far from my place and I tend to get lost around the area. LOL!

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