Father’s Day Dinner @ Villa Mauri

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The family and I had dinner at Villa Mauri, Jalan Muara yesterday evening. Father’s Day dinner is supposed to be on this weekend but we moved it forward because I have to work on this coming weekend. The arranged dinner place was supposed to be at Charcoal BBQ & Grill but then a colleague of mine suggested me going Villa Mauri instead for their lambs. And he is so right, they were really good for the price paid.

For your information, Villa Mauri is currently doing 50% on all their food except for beverages. According to the waiter, all three branches will be rotating for the promotion time period. As for this month, it will be at Villa Mauri. Next in line will be Prego Mauri in Kuala Belait (KB).

To cut the chase, let me start showing you the beverages followed by food pictures!


Bona-Bona | B$6.50

Sister and I ordered their mocktail beverages just like what we did at Caliente Tapas Bar last year. Bona-Bona is a concoction of Monin Mojito, mint and soda water. It tasted quite refreshing.


Virgin On The Beach | B$8.50

I had Pina Colada at Caliente Tapas Bar before so I don’t feel like having the same drink again. So, I went for Virgin On The Beach this time round. It’s a concoction of cranberry cocktail, chilled peach juice blended with fresh orange and pineapple juice. It’s a little bit sour but good enough. Refreshing as well.


Complimentary appetizer

Sister and I took charge of the orderings as parents don’t usually dine at Italian restaurants. We ordered 2 appetizers, 3 main courses and 2 desserts to share. Jia commented on my Instagram whether the whole family finished all the food ordered. Yeah, we did coz they were fingers licking good!


Calamari | B$11.00 B$6.50

The squids were deep fried with normal flour batter served with tartar sauce. It was a little bit overcooked in my opinion. But nevertheless, I think they were still good because I am a huge fan of calamaris. LOL!


Smoked Salmon Roll | B$14.00 B$7.00

Smoked Salmon filled with prawns and avocados in thousand island dressings. The salmon slices were fresh and juicy. They melted inside the mouth almost instantly. The combination of prawns with avocados mixed with thousand island dressings is perfect!


Pizza Hawaiana | B$15.00 B$7.50

According to the menu, this is chicken salami with pineapple pizza. But unfortunately instead of chicken salami, we were being given chicken ham. Not sure if the Brunei’s version of chicken salami is actually chicken ham. The pizza crust was nicely done but it gets a little bit hard when cold. Well, majority thin crusted pizza gets hard when cold anyways. Ingredients were generous enough.


Branzino | B$29.00 B$14.50

It’s sea bass fillets served with baby clams and mussels in a bouillabaisse fish fumet sauce. The sea bass fillets were grilled to perfection. A little bit crispy on top and the fillets were all juicy and tender. No hint of raw taste at all. The accompanying sauce was flavorful enough with generous amount of baby clams. There was only one mussel in the entire dish, if I don’t recall wrongly.


Costolete Di Agnello | B$39.00 B$19.50

Rack lamb chops served with mint and garlic sauce. We requested the meat to be medium to cooked. We should have requested for medium rare instead coz it was slightly dry and hard after some time. But it was extremely finger licking good. The meat were tender and juicy, especially the oily part. The nerves were a little bit hard to chew though, so assuming that this one lamb must have exercised quite a lot before it’s doom day.


Torta Di Mele | B$6.00 B$3.00

This is an Apple Pie in English. LOL! The caramelized apple chunks were overcooked as they were pretty soggy but the pastry was good. It wasn’t dry and hard at all. I don’t usually like pastry pie but this was good.


Fantasia Di Maria | B$6.00 B$3.00

I had looked up on reviews before going to Villa Mauri so that I know which food to go for and which to avoid. This particular dessert came up to the top raved food at Villa Mauri. It’s actually a chocolate pudding, just like any other chocolate lava pudding you can find in cafes like Bello Cafe. To be honest, this is by far the BEST chocolate pudding dessert which I have ever tasted. Bello Cafe is where I used to go for Chocolate Lava Pudding and now I have found another place which serves a better version. The molten chocolate inside is mildly sweetened. Best eaten when served.

Overall Rating: 9 out of 10

Verdict: Customer service was acceptable in my opinion but they missed out our Green Tea and warm water until we reminded them again. Food were served promptly after ordering. The complimentary appetizer was good. The biscuit sticks were fresh and crunchy. Albeit Villa Mauri is giving 50% off on all their main courses, pastas and pizzas, you will only be getting 45% off if you are paying by either debit or credit card. Therefore, make sure that you bring enough cash so that you don’t have to end up paying by debit or credit card.

Villa Mauri
Simpang: 369,
Kampung Sungai Tilong,
Jalan Muara, BC3615,
Bandar Seri Begawan,
Brunei Darussalam.
Tel: +673-2335585


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