Review: My Scheming Crystal Hydrating Eye Mask

My eye areas hadn’t been looking great for quite a few days since last weekend. So, I thought why not buy myself a couple of eye masks when I have always been splurging on sheet masks. So, I got this My Scheming Crystal Hydrating Eye Mask from Watsons, Miri along with my other purchases of LoveMore and My Scheming facial sheet masks.


This particular eye mask contains Deep Sea Seaweed Bolivian Uric Acid which adds moisture to your eyes, leaving them hydrated all day long. The texture of the eye mask is gelish but it can stay put rather well when applied. You don’t have to worry about the eye mask slipping down. And because it has a gelish texture, it’s felt pretty cooling during application. It doesn’t smell very strong to me, quite acceptable as a matter of fact.

I was reading an eBook when I have this eye mask on and fell asleep afterwards. I was so tired to wake up and remove them myself so my Sister removed them for me. I did not see what are the immediate effects after removing them but I can see that my eye areas were pretty hydrated the next morning. My dark circles were not as dark as they used to be a couple of days ago.

1. Easy to use.
2. Doesn’t have a strong smell.
3. Doesn’t slip off during application.
4. Eye areas looked hydrated the next morning.

1. Not available in Brunei.

Overall Rating: 4 out of 5

Price: RM6.90

Repurchase? Maybe


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