Review: LoveMore Pearl Barley & Milk Smoothing Mask Sheet

I had been using sheet masks very religiously lately, not because I am suffering from dull skin complexion. But I had too many sheet masks stashed in my skincare drawers and I felt like using them up as soon as possible so that I can buy new ones. Call me greedy. LOL!

Reviews on LoveMore sheet masks had been positive on the Internet. I actually asked Sister to buy some for me from Mannings, China but she said I have got too much already and she doesn’t want to buy them for me. So, I bought them from Watsons, Miri instead. I bought individual pack instead of in boxes. But I don’t see LoveMore sheet masks in boxes. They were all sold individually. Perhaps the market for a box of 10 is not as good as selling individually.


According to the packaging: “Barley is raved for it’s whitening and dehydrating properties. Barley is rich in proteins, fat and carbohydrates, Vitamin B1 & B2, amino acids, barley prime and barley ester nutrients. Finely-selected barley – milk combination for maximum revitalizing effects.” The texture of the sheet mask is completely different from any other brands of sheet masks which I have tried before. It has the thinnest texture that I had ever seen, to the extent that I am afraid of ripping it apart when applying it onto my face.

If I had not read any review prior to using the product, I might have thought the protective layer is the sheet mask itself. And because of it’s thin texture, the packaging comes with two instead of one separate protective layers to keep the sheet mask in shape. And when you applied it onto your face, it’s as if the sheet mask turned invisible! Unfortunately, this sheet mask is a little big for my face. It has a very nice scent. Some said it smelled like barley but I thought otherwise. I think it smelled like honey and milk. I could be wrong, but it definitely smelled nice.

Albeit it has the thinnest texture, it was able to hold up the essence properly without dripping at all during application. And what’s best is that it get absorbed onto my skin real fast. I left it on my face for like 15 minutes and when I removed it from my skin later, my skin isn’t as wet as compared to the usual time when I was using other brands of facial sheet mask. Only took me like a few seconds to pat in the remaining essence onto my skin.

In terms of brightening effect, I don’t think I have seen much big difference as majority sheet masks do make your skin looked brighter after application disregard it’s main function is for brightening or not. But I could see that my skin complexion looked smoother!

1. Thinnest texture I have ever seen.
2. Smelled nice.
3. Absorbs onto the skin real fast.
4. Doesn’t drip albeit the thin texture.

1. In fear of ripping it apart due to it’s thin texture.
2. Not available in Brunei.

Overall Rating: 4.8 out of 5

Price: RM7.90

Repurchase? Definitely!


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