Review: Mr. Baker’s Cafeteria, Gadong Central

Coming up with a second post for the day to cover up for what I missed yesterday. I was out the whole day yesterday. Had breakfast with Sister at Mr. Baker’s Cafeteria, Gadong Central and then drove her to Thann Sanctuary for her 45 minutes of Ayurvedic Head Massage. Met Jennifer for lunch at Gohan Sushi Restaurant, Kiarong and then pedicure session at Nails&Wax, Airport Mall. Got home around evening time and brought dad out for dinner at Sweet Lemongrass, Serusop.

I intended to bring Sister to Countrypatch Cafe, Kiulap for breakfast yesterday morning but brought her to Mr. Baker’s Cafeteria instead since I have never tried out the place myself. Wanted to try the place with Kaylie last month but we ended up at Sushi Tei instead. LOL!


Honey Lemon | B$2.50

B$2.50 per cup sounded extremely steep to me. It tasted more like Honey Lime instead of Honey Lemon. It tasted very tangy and sourish as well. If you wanted something sour to quench your thirst, this is probably what you need!


Chicken Deluxe | B$5.50

Sister’s choice of sandwich. The main highlight of the sandwich is the pesto sauce that came with it. The pesto sauce tasted extremely good and it goes superbly well with the chicken! Well, I am a huge fan of pesto sauce anyways hence I super love it when I tried.


Smoked Salmon With Cream Cheese Sauce | B$6.00

My choice of sandwich. The smoked salmon wasn’t that fresh and the cream cheese sauce spread was too little for me making the sandwich tasted kinda dry.

Overall Rating: 7 out of 10

Verdict: Food was served rather promptly and customer service seems good when serving. But unfortunately, I think their staff needed a bit of training in terms of how to behave in front of the patrons even when they are not serving. They were fooling around in front of the patrons which may not look good to the other patrons. In terms of the food, they were still okay but the breads were a little bit dry. Honey Lemon tasted more like Honey Lime though.

Mr. Baker’s Cafeteria
Unit 47, Block C,
Gadong Central, BE2319,
Brunei Darussalam.
Tel: +673-2427554


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