Review: Sweet Lemongrass Restaurant, Serusop

If anyone of you ask me where to go to in Brunei for Thai cuisine, I would definitely recommend Sweet Lemongrass. Some would recommend Sawadee Food House or KTM Thai Seafood Restaurant. I had been to both Sawadee and KTM but I preferred Sweet Lemongrass, Kiulap more. Their main branch restaurant is the one at Kiulap which is on the same block and Farmbasket Snack Bar and Lee Clinic & Dispensary.

Mom went back to hometown to attend the wedding of my cousin. So, we had to fix our own meals. Sister and I decided to bring dad out for dinner on Father’s Day night albeit we had celebrated it earlier at Villa Mauri last Tuesday evening. Sister had a sudden craving for Thai cuisine so I brought them both to Sweet Lemongrass at Serusop instead since it’s nearby to my office as I had to return to the office for closing that evening.

Food pictures ahead …


Tom Yam Chicken | B$10

Tom Yam Chicken is of course a must order dish whenever you are dining at a Thai restaurant. You can choose among chicken, beef or seafood for your Tom Yam. Both Sister and dad couldn’t eat beef and seafood, so we went ahead with chicken instead. The soup base was flavorful enough and it’s not too sour. Unfortunately, Sister finds it a little bit too spicy for her taste bud but it was just right for me.


Pandan Chicken | B$6

One of the famous dish at Sweet Lemongrass is their Pandan Chicken. I wouldn’t miss ordering this whenever I am having a meal at Sweet Lemongrass. I requested the waitress to have the kitchen staff to remove the pandan leaves for us before serving so that we wouldn’t get our fingers all oily in the process. Unfortunately, we all think that the chicken wasn’t marinated long enough and it was only warm when served. I think it would taste better if served piping hot. The chicken was tender and juicy though.


Fish Cakes | B$10

Not sure if this is homemade or what, but this was extremely salty for our likings. It’s as if the salt price had dropped tremendously. All three of us  only managed to have like one or two pieces each only and we had quite a few left by the end of the meal.


Baby Kailan | B$8

This was cooked perfectly. The green leaves and the stalks weren’t too hard and tough for our teeth. And the gravy was flavorful enough.


Dry Green Curry Chicken | B$10

Did not have much of this because my tummy couldn’t take coconut milk well at night. Just wanna play safe or else I would end up in the toilet for the rest of the evening. But I supposed this was good as my dad kept on eating this more than any other dishes. LOL!


Pad Thai Chicken | B$5

Please excuse my bad photography skill for the above picture. I have no idea that it turned out to be like this. Maybe I should consider Samsung Galaxy Camera whereby it has a special feature designed specifically for food pictures. LOL! I have tried many Pad Thai(s) in Brunei and honestly speaking, Sweet Lemongrass serves the best Pad Thai in town. Do suggest to me if you think if you found one that is even better than the one served at Sweet Lemongrass.


Pattaya Fried Rice | B$5

The only dish which we all thought to have less MSG compared to any other dishes of the night. This tasted okay to me but I think it would have been a lot better if they used overnight plain rice instead of those freshly cooked plain rice.


Ice Kasturi With Samboi | B$2

This tasted a lot better than the Honey Lemon which I had at Mr. Baker’s Cafeteria earlier in the morning. It tasted sour at the first sip but you can taste the saltiness in it at the same time too. Even Sister said that this is good. And very refreshing as well!

Overall Rating: 8 out of 10

Verdict: Customer service was good and food was served promptly. We expected at least a minimum waiting time of 15 minutes after placing the order judging on the numbers of patrons that they had. Surprisingly, our food came in one by one after 5 minutes of waiting time. Food was okay but I think they should cut short on the salt for their Fish Cakes.

Sweet Lemongrass Restaurant
Lot 5813, Unit 1, First Floor,
Kampung Sungai Agat, Serusop,
Bandar Seri Begawan,
Brunei Darussalam.
Tel: +673-7183888


6 thoughts on “Review: Sweet Lemongrass Restaurant, Serusop

  1. I always dine at Sweet Lemongrass for family function xD Although i love the Thai restaurant one beside Excapade Serusop which i’ve forgotten it’s name. They servers the best Tom Yam! ^_^ I also like Som Tam. You like it? I wanna try the Pad Thai Chicken. Nyum! :9

    • I think I know which Thai restaurant that you were referring to. I thought the place looked kinda dodgy on the outside so I did not try the place.

      Thanks for the recommendation though. I would definitely try the place out the next time when I have craving for Thai cuisine.

      Hmm … I rarely have Som Tam. But I quite like the Som Tam from Sawadee Food House though. Never tried the ones from Sweet Lemongrass. You should try their Pad Thai. It’s really good!

      PS: Gong Cha will be open in Kiulap next to Mum Bakery, previously Gripps Cafe. Still under renovation though. Not sure when is the official launching.

  2. OMG don’t be fooled by it’s appearance! Hence the saying ”Don’t judge the book by it’s cover” :p Haha just kidding. But yeah their dishes are really always superb :9 I’ve yet to dine at Sawadee Food House! It’s really hard to go to Gadong nowadays lol. And people said Nur Wanita is really good too! So many Thai restaurants i wanna try hahaha. I love Thai food btw fyi xD

    For a second, i thought Gong Cha is an another shabu shabu restaurant *giggles* xD I rarely go to Kiulap though 😡 Actually i’ve been dying to go buy Fruitime drink. I know you’re not interested lol..

    • Majority people said Sawadee Food House is the best for Thai cuisine though. Different people different preferences, I guess.

      I have checked the reviews of Nur Wanita yesterday and they hadn’t been very great. Some commented that their food are overpriced, slow delivery of food or bad customer service.

      Nope, Gong Cha is not a Shabu Shabu restaurant. LOL! Just like Ochado and Share Tea. Maybe I should go try Fruitime and see if there’s anything special about the place? LOL!

  3. Haha yea now i remember Gong Cha is a new Bubble Tea drink shop to open here! xD Hmm last time i tasted their orange mango juice & it’s seriously so fresh! ;9 If i go to Gadong again, I wanna go there & maybe Ochado also lolol. So many drinks i wanna taste *shrugs*

    • Orange juice? Not the kind of fresh fruit juice which I like. LOL! Do they have Avocado juice? Hahaha …

      I only liked Pop Eggs Milk Tea from Ochado. The rest were just average to me. =D

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