Cooking Diary Day #16

Today is the last day of cooking before my mom comes home. I am a half day vegan today as I did not fulfill my duty two Saturdays ago when I am supposed to be a vegan until lunch. I went down Miri with Sister and hence looking for places which serve vegetarian food could be a hassle especially when you travel mates were not so keen on vegetarian food. So, my mom told me to replace it another day.


Mock Abalone With Bailing Mushroom

I would usually cook this particular dish with Deep Fried Puffy Tofu and Apricot Mushroom. But seeing that the Apricot Mushrooms weren’t that fresh, I decided to replace it with preserved Bailing Mushroom instead. Tasted not bad but tad bit oily for my liking. LOL!.

PS: I was on the way to Lee Clinic & Dispensary yesterday evening and I found out that Gong Cha will be opened in Kiulap, next to Mum Bakery. Apparently, Gripps Cafe had shut down and replaced by Gong Cha. The signage was already up but the place is still under renovation. Expecting the business shall be open to public real soon.


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