Review: Cure Natural Aqua Gel

I am pretty sure that majority of you have heard of this famous brand in the world of skincare products. It’s Japan’s No. 1 selling brand of exfoliator. I came across this brand when I was blog hopping on some beauty blogs. It caught my attention as this exfoliator is different compared to any other exfoliator which I had been using. It’s made out of 90% of water instead of containing many chemicals and preservatives!


When I was staying at Andrea’s place on my last visit to Singapore, I found out that she has a bottle in her bathroom. Asked her how good the product was as the reviews had been extremely positive. She said the product was good enough but she advised me not to rub the liquid on areas with acne breakouts as it’s gonna make the breakouts even worse. So, I decided to buy a bottle of the said product to see if it lives up to the hypes around. LOL!


I did a little bit of experiment with the product on the back of my left hand. It was washed with liquid soap wash and towel-dried. The amount which I pumped out was actually a little bit too much for my hand. All you needed is a small amount and it does the job great enough. The texture of the liquid is gel like and it’s a little bit runny as you can see the liquid flowing downwards in the picture. In terms of scent, this product is pretty much fragrance free. Hence, making it extremely suitable for sensitive skin and those of you who doesn’t like overwhelming scent for skincare products.


Gently massage the liquid onto the skin. Do not rub it against your skin very harshly. When the liquid was fully absorbed onto your skin, white stuffs like what was shown in the picture above will come out. I don’t know what’s called, but assuming that they are your dead skin cells. When I was using the product on my face, I don’t get as much white stuffs coming out as I had seen some other beauty bloggers had with theirs. I am not sure if it’s the product not working effectively on my skin or because I had already cleansed my skin with Shiseido AquaLabel Deep Clear Oil Cleansing. The back of my left hand indeed looked cleaner and smoother after using Cure Natural Aqua Gel compared to the right.

After using the said product on my face, I could see that my pores don’t looked that clogged as compared to before and it brightened up my skin complexion as well. It leaves my face looking and feeling squeaky clean after usage. Anyways, I bought this product from Singapore at one of the Watsons outlet across Singapore. For those of you who wanted to try this product and happened to be living in Brunei, you could always try Paloma at The Mall. I have seen it on display on the shelves but it was retailing in between B$52 to B$59.

1. A little goes a long way.
2. Made 90% of water.
3. Fragrance free.
4. Smooth and squeaky clean skin.

1. Expensive.

Overall Rating: 4.5 out of 5

Price: S$49

Repurchase? Most likely yes.


2 thoughts on “Review: Cure Natural Aqua Gel

  1. I remember i used to be obsessed over this product due to it’s popularity! It’s really expensive lol. But it’s okay i have found my own HG scrub :p

    • Yeah … It’s really expensive for a facial scrub when it’s only made of aqua. LOL! But all you need is a little and one bottle could probably last you for more than a year.

      Anyways, which brand facial scrub that you are using right now?

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