Review: Dr. Morita Whitening Essence Facial Mask

Some of you may not have heard of this brand. Neither do I until my Sister gave me 2 pieces of the said mask to try when she was back from China for holiday few weekends ago. According to Sister, this particular brand of sheet masks were highly recommended by the SA at Mannings outlet in Nanjing, China. It’s much more expensive compared to some other Taiwanese facial sheet masks though. Albeit it has a Japanese name for branding, Dr. Morita is originated from Taiwan but it has manufacturing companies in Shanghai and Tokyo.


I first used this mask two weeks ago and I slept with it. Too tired, I guess. So, Sister removed it for me before she went to bed. In order to write a review for this product, I tried the said facial mask again yesterday evening. The weather was so hot, so I thought maybe a sheet mask could cool down my skin a bit. LOL! I placed the sheet mask in the freezer for like 10 minutes so that it gives a cooling feeling when used.

The texture of this sheet mask is quite thick compared to some of the sheet masks which I had been using. The texture is about the same like the ones from The Face Shop. I am not so keen about thick textured facial sheet masks as they don’t really get absorbed into my skin that well compared to those with thinner texture. The sheet mask stung my skin a bit at first but they subsided a while later. Suspected that perhaps I have quite a few open pores yesterday.

The scent of the sheet mask was quite nice in my opinion. It smelled like vanilla or almond milk. As long as they don’t smelled like alcohol scented perfume like those which I had been using from Tony Moly, then I’ll be fine with them. When I first used the sheet mask few weeks ago, it leaves my skin feeling all moisturized and hydrated the next morning. But unfortunately, I don’t feel likewise when I was using the sheet mask yesterday evening. I don’t see much difference that it did to my skin. My skin was probably wasn’t at it’s tip top condition, hence it doesn’t do much in making a difference with my skin.

1. Nice scent.

1. Stung my skin a bit for the first few minutes during application.
2. Thicker texture.
3. Mask was a little bit too big for my face.
4. No visible difference that it did to my skin after using the sheet mask.

Overall Rating: 3 out of 5

Price: RMB99 (4 pieces/box)

Repurchase? I don’t think so.


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