My Wishlist On Branded Goods

Sister might be going back to Europe for holiday by the end of this year. So, I am currently making a list of the things that I wanted her to buy, mainly branded bags and wallets! I had been searching up and down on the Internet looking for the bags and wallets from Coach, Longchamp and Prada. I used to obsess over a tote bag from Longchamp, but then I don’t think that it suits me. Hence, I decided to give up on the bag as it’s not cheap either. It’s selling for about S$1300 in Singapore when I last checked.

So, I’ll start with the wallet that I wanted. I am currently owning a Coach Madison Leather Medium Zip Wallet. But ever since I had a real feel of how Prada leather felt and smelled like, I am totally obsessed with Prada wallets. I don’t dream big. LOL! I’ll start with wallets from Prada as none of Prada bags actually caught my attention.


This is the only one which caught my attention for the time being. The first Prada wallet which I wanted was not this though. But the one which I wanted was a little bit hard to maintain. It has got a protruding ribbon bow which you have to be extra careful when you put your wallet back into your bag. If it somehow got hooked with the other things in your bag, the protruding ribbon would come off sooner or later.


This wasn’t half bad either, but it requires high maintenance as well just like the protruding ribbon bow wallet which I was after previously. I couldn’t find the said protruding ribbon bow Prada wallet on their website anymore, so assuming that it is already out of season?

As for handbags, I am more into both Coach and Longchamp. I had already bought myself a Longchamp Le Pliage tote from Singapore last month but I wanted a similar bag but purple in color.

Coach Madison Leather Isabelle | US$358

Sister said that this design doesn’t suit me. But I quite liked it since it’s squarish in design and simple. I don’t really like handbags with lots of funky designs. Plain and simple will do, simply elegant.

Coach Madison Leather Juliette | US$358

My other favorite from Coach is this one. But Sister said that the bag is too small for my body size. *sweat* Argh … Why is it so hard to have something that you like without getting lots of negative criticisms out of it?


2 thoughts on “My Wishlist On Branded Goods

    • The thing is, there is no handbag from Prada which I am interested in. The one which I might be slightly interested in was too expensive for a handbag which is made of calf leather instead of Saffiano leather. LOL!

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