Review: Tony Moly Natural Pulp Essence Sheet Mask Collagen

Hello lovelies!

This is one way overdue skincare product review since early of the month. Bought 10 pieces of sheet masks from Tony Moly in the early of the month since they were doing Buy 5 Get 5 Free. So, it’s basically still Buy One Get One Free. You need to buy at least a minimum of 5 pieces before you are entitled to extra 5 pieces for free.


I brought a piece of this sheet mask with me when I went down to Miri for a weekend trip with Sister in the early of this month. Sister was speechless when she found out that I brought this sheet mask with me. She even thought who would be bothered with skin pampering when you are all knackered with all the walking during the daytime. Hahaha … As a matter of fact, this was the first time that I brought a piece of sheet mask with me to Miri. I don’t usually bring them since I am only staying for a night but not a fortnight.

I placed the said sheet mask into the fridge once we checked into the hotel as it was a little bit warm after being in the car boot for the whole morning and half of the afternoon. Of all 3 pieces of Tony Moly Natural Pulp Essence Sheet Mask range which I had tried recently, this is the only sheet mask which I am completely satisfied with in terms of the fragrance level. My previous experiences with their Pearl and Makgeolli haven’t been the most pleasant one because they smelled like Bvlgari Omnia to me.

The scent that this sheet mask smelled nothing like the above mentioned two. It doesn’t have any flowery or perfumery scent but minimal alcohol scent. I think I would prefer minimal alcohol scent over perfume scent. As usual, I liked the texture of the sheet mask from Tony Moly Natural Pulp Essence range. It’s thin in texture and gets absorbed onto the skin quick and fast.

As you all know that, collagen is famous for skin firming. After 20 minutes of application, I could see that my skin is very much moisturized, hydrated, brightened and supple. In terms of firming, I don’t think I had seen much. But I am pretty convinced you wouldn’t get the desired result with just one usage of the same product. It probably takes a few before you can actually see the results. But what I liked about the sheet mask was that it gave me the above four effects!

1. Doesn’t reek of perfume scent like Pearl & Makgeolli.
2. Thin texture.
3. Leaves skin feeling all moisturized, hydrated, brightened and supple after application.

1. Doesn’t have firming effect.

Overall Rating: 4 out of 5

Price: B$2.90

Repurchase? Yes.

2 thoughts on “Review: Tony Moly Natural Pulp Essence Sheet Mask Collagen

  1. I love Tonymoly products, they’re really good! ^__^ I haven’t tried this exact mask before, but I’ll definitely have a look at this next time I go to a tonymoly store! ❤

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    • Have you ever tried their other products from Tony Moly aside from their sheet masks? They have this Appletox or what. Have you tried it before?

      I was being given a sample of it. But reviews on the Internet were so so only. Some said the consistency of the liquid is quite thick.

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