Review: My Scheming Hyaluronan Moisture Eye Mask

Bought the above said eye mask on my last trip to Miri in the early of this month. Only gotten round to use it a couple of days ago when I felt that my eyes needed a bit of pampering, My face had been suffering from breakouts as my time of the month is already around the corner. This is the very first time when I actually hope that it would come faster. My experience had taught me that my skin condition is usually at it’s worst one week before my period is due and they will get better when I am having my period. I know weird, right? LOL!


I bought it because I was quite attracted to it’s packaging design. Alan was shocked to see me buying so many sheet masks when we were in Watsons at the point of my purchases. It’s human nature of a female species anyways. So, it couldn’t be blamed. Hahaha … xD


The product came with proper instruction guide on how to use the eye mask. Majority of the Taiwanese sheet masks which I had previously used came in Chinese format when it comes to their ingredients list. Surprisingly, there were quite a lot of English wordings with My Scheming products. Or perhaps, this kind of packaging was specially made for Malaysian market? Hahaha …


The design of My Scheming eye mask is completely different from the eye masks which I had tried previously. The design is like the shape of a butterfly. I find the cut out of the eye areas to be a little bit too big for my eyes. Well, I think it will be a little bit big for majority users. It couldn’t even cover the eye bags area due to the big cut out on the eye areas. So, I have to move the eye mask further upwards so that it will cover my eye bags but it wouldn’t cover my eyelids then.

Technically speaking, this eye mask could only cover either the eyelids or the eye bags. It couldn’t hit two birds with one stone. The eye mask was however able to moisturize my upper cheek areas, nose and side edges of the bottom forehead area. The areas covered were brightened when I removed the eye mask after 15 minutes later. Unfortunately, I don’t see much difference that it did to my eye bags areas.

1. Minimal fragrance level.
2. Moisturized my upper cheek areas, nose and side edges of the bottom of my forehead.

1. Horrible design of the cut out.
2. Couldn’t cover both eyelids and eye bags at the same time.
3. Not much difference done to the eye areas.

Overall Rating: 3 out of 5

Price: RM6.90

Repurchase? No, I don’t think so.


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