Desserts @ The Xinful Cafe

This was my third visit to The Xinful Cafe ever since it opened it’s door to the public. I had been curious to try Red Velvet all these while and I happened to find out that The Xinful Cafe serves Red Velvet as well. So, I suggested to Kaylie that we go The Xinful Cafe after our dinner at Ristorante Buon Gusto. I knew that she wasn’t that keen on going The Xinful Cafe as the place could be pretty noisy at times when some other patrons were making lots of noise.

Kaylie, Rain and I headed over to The Xinful Cafe immediately after our unsatisfying dinner at Ristorante Buon Gusto. The place was already half packed when we arrived. We chose a table nearby to the cashier counter as the unoccupied tables were either too small or big.


Red Velvet | B$4.00

To be honest, I find their cakes to be rather disappointing this time round. I had never tried any Red Velvet before this but this was way too stiff and dry. It’s like the cake had been kept in the fridge for a couple of days and there is no moisture in the cake anymore. The taste of the cake was not bad albeit a little bit too sweet for my liking. But I am pretty sure that it will tastes great if it wasn’t that stiff and hard.


Black Forest | B$4.00

Rain’s choice of dessert. I wanted to try Durian Pancake as well. But unfortunately, it wasn’t served yesterday. In terms of the cake moisture, this one was slightly better than my Red Velvet. The sweet level was moderate. The sponge layer was made out of chocolate with layers of chocolate cream in between.


Banana Waffle With Chocolate Syrup | B$3.80

Jia visited The Xinful Cafe in early of the week and she mentioned that the waffles served there was good. So as usual, I was tempted to try. I liked the presentation of their desserts. Nicely arranged bananas topped with generous amount of chocolate syrup. You can actually choose between chocolate or maple syrup but I am pretty sure that maple syrup doesn’t go that well with bananas. The waffle was a little bit hard on the outside but soft on the inside, which Kaylie claimed that this is how a waffle should be. I am no waffle expert but it was quite nice.


Spring Onion Pancakes | B$2.80

My favorite dessert dish of the night – Spring Onion Pancakes! After all the sweet desserts, I am desperately in need of something salty to balance out my taste bud. At first, I thought it’s made out of Roti Prata judging from the crispiness of the pancake by the look. Rain, Taiwanese by nationality said that this is how a Spring Onion Pancake is supposed to look like. LOL! I sounded like a noob yesterday.

Anyways, this was really good. The flavoring was just perfect and the pancake was crispy albeit a little bit too oily. If you are a big fan of Spring Onion Pancake, you should try this the next time you visit The Xinful Cafe. But if you had been to Taiwan before and tasted the original version of Spring Onion Pancake, this may not taste good enough to your expectation. So, be warned! Hahaha …

If you are interested to read about my previous dining experience at The Xinful Cafe, click here and here for them. Hope you enjoy reading them.


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