Lunch @ Country Patch Cafe, Times Square

I was having a day off yesterday and I woke up around the same time like when I am working. Intended to go The Mall, Gadong but then gotten lazy. Hence, I only made it to Manggis Mall and Times Square in the end. Invited Kaylie for desserts at MADbites Cafe but she told me that she couldn’t make it. So, I Whatsapp-ed Jia and asked if she might be interested in joining me for dessert session after work at MADbites Cafe. She told me that she couldn’t make it as she has yet fully recovered from her previous sickness and she had eaten too much on the previous night at Senja Lounge. Damn! How hard could it be to find a companion for desserts??!!

I had my lunch alone at Country Patch Cafe, Times Square yesterday afternoon. There was only a table of patrons when I arrived and followed by more a while later. Took me quite some time to decide what to have for lunch. Felt like having sandwiches but I ended up with Chicken Chop and a glass of Hot Caramel Latte.


Caramel Latte | B$4.50

Couldn’t decide what to order for drinks so I stick with my usual favorite – Caramel Latte. But I think I preferred the Caramelatte from Gloria Jean’s Coffees better.


Chicken Chop | B$9.00

This dish comes with three different sauce options – Black Pepper, Mushroom and Barbeque. I went for the safest option, which is Mushroom Sauce. The french fries were perfectly fried. It was a little bit cold when served but the fries were still soft on the inside. The fries were a perfect combination with the Mushroom Sauce. The Chicken Chop comes from a whole leg chicken but it had been made boneless. LOL! It was crispy on the outside and juicy on the inside. Unfortunately, I think the Chicken Chop tasted a lot better when dipped with ketchup instead of the accompanying Mushroom Sauce.

Country Patch Cafe, Times Square
#G6A, Ground Floor,
Times Square,
Bandar Seri Begawan,
Brunei Darussalam.
Tel: +673-2337917


7 thoughts on “Lunch @ Country Patch Cafe, Times Square

  1. The fires look perfection! :9 I’ve once dined in Country Patch but the Kiulap one. Their Nasi Lemak is quite good! And i also ate some thing else which i forgot LOL. But quite good too! 😀 There are many fast rising number of food outlets open up at Times Square/ Airport Mall no? Esp the ones beside share tea in Airport Mall. Have you tried Gong Cha? I think i’m a fan now after seeing their beverages at their FB fanpage xD

    • Hahaha … I have not tried Gong Cha but I am most likely to do so yesterday. Wanted to make a detour to Gong Cha yesterday evening but luckily I did not as it was pouring cats and dogs a while later.

      I don’t see much new restaurants booming around Times Square area though. Only Killiney Kopitiam which was opened like two months ago.

      I am trying out Depot VLO, Kiarong tomorrow afternoon for lunch. Will tell you about my reviews later. LOL!

  2. And i’ve just learned that Gong Cha is world’s well renowned bubble tea drink ever! So how could i skip that xD Killiney restaurant looks so cute! Next time i would love to try there! Depot VLO? i feel like i’ve heard of that name but i can’t put my fingers on haha. Alright waiting for your upcoming reviews! 😀 Btw later i maybe dining out at Excapade tho heuheuheu #noms

    • It’s not too late to know yet. LOL!

      You should try the Curry Chicken at Killiney Kopitiam. It’s good in my opinion.

      I walked pass by Fruitime yesterday but I did not go in to try because I was having a huge size Ochado drink. Maybe next time. xD

      Depot VLO is located behind Baiduri Bank, if I am not wrong. Just opposite Gohan Sushi Restaurant.

      I wanted to have dinner at Excapade Sushi yesterday evening but I think the place was full so I decided not to in the end. LOL!

  3. you should try gong cha, so far they are the best in brunei at the moment. you should do a review too on paddington house of pancakes 🙂

    • I just found out that Paddington House Of Pancakes is opened in Brunei already. But the queue looked horrendous in the pictures on Facebook. Will try out the place when the crowd is lesser. Do you know where exactly is the place?

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