Review: Elizabeth Arden Visible Difference Good Morning Retexturing Primer

It has a super long name, I know. Hahaha … It was previously known as Good Morning Skin Serum before Elizabeth Arden repackaged the entire product. It used to be in a glass bottle instead of the one it is in now. I bought this product like half a year ago but had only been using it religiously few days ago. Sister told me that this is one good product when she tested it while she was home last month. The first few times when I was using the product, I did not like it at all coz it made my skin even oilier than usual. But I realized that I had been using the product the wrong way! How stupid of me … *sweat*


I have a colleague who is also using this particular product at the moment and she said that it’s really good. You must be thinking what is so special about this product. For those of you who use makeup, this is a primer for your makeup to stay in place without getting smudged. But for someone like me who doesn’t use makeup, it acts as a protective layer on top of my skincare products.

In the world we are living right now, we usually stays indoor whereby air-conditional is what we are exposed to everyday (unless you are living in a country with four seasons). Prolonged exposure to air-conditional could cause our skin to dry out. This is when this product comes in for a good use. This product can somehow block the cold air from getting into our skin causing it to be dry. But when we are staying outdoor, this product would act as a protective layer blocking harmful particular or substances from getting onto our skin or pores. I am aware that my explanation for this product may not be convincing at all, but they are the functions of this product in a nutshell.


The liquid comes in the form of gel. It’s completely odorless, good for those of you who doesn’t like skincare products which comes with overpowering scent. The texture of the gel felt a little bit oily but it’s not oily at all once it get absorbed fully onto the skin. You do not need a lot of the gel for your entire face. All you need is the size of a red bean and “dot” them onto your forehead, nose, both cheeks and your upper chin area. Gently spread them all over your face avoiding your eye areas and it shall gives you a very smooth matte finishing!

When I previously visited the BA of Elizabeth Arden counter, I told her that I hasn’t been using this product albeit I bought it like almost half a year ago. She told me that I should not make the product goes into waste as now is the best time to use the it due to the bad weather condition and the haze problem. So, I did as instructed and used it after the application of Shiseido Multi-Defense UV Protector SPF50 PA+++ every morning.

If you follow the instruction on the packaging, you would be using the product the other way round. According to the packaging, you should use it before your moisturizer. You could follow as instructed on the packaging but the method which I am using now was the instruction given by the BA at Elizabeth Arden herself. LOL!

1. Odorless.
2. Smooth matte finishing!
3. Doesn’t breakout on my skin.
4. Acts as a protective layer on my skin on top of the skincare products.

1. No cap on top of the pump dispenser for hygiene reason.

Overall Rating: 5 out of 5

Price: B$65.00

Repurchase? Definitely!


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