Review: Kose Sekkisei Eye Cream

Argh … My voice has started to turn a little bit “sexy”. Gotta go get my medical consultation as soon as possible so that the sickness wouldn’t turn worse. I made an arrangement to have lunch with Eldie this Sunday for his extremely early birthday celebration. We decided to have lunch at Paddington House Of Pancakes. Well, it was actually my decision. He said he is okay with anywhere. So, I’ll plan and he will follow. LOL!


As some of you may have known, I got myself myself a brand new tub of eye cream in the early of May. I was contemplating between buying Kose Sekkisei Eye Cream from Singapore or Miri. Kose Sekkisei Eye Cream is selling for S$82 in all Kose counter across Singapore but RM175 at Kose, Boulevard Hypermarket. Anyone with a wise brain would of course chose to buy from Miri because it’s about RM26 cheaper.

So, I asked KinG to buy a tub for me from Miri when he went down for his CPA examination while I flew to Singapore for my weekend getaway. I think I almost gave him a heart attack when he was paying for the product at the Cashier counter as I forgot to mention to him the price of the product. Turned out that it’s a lot cheaper at Singapore Changi International Airport because it’s only selling for S$54.50!!

I felt like crying when I saw the price tag at Singapore Changi International Airport. Mom asked why I did not bother to get another tub since it’s so much cheaper. First of all, I am never a stickler when it comes to eye cream. Secondly, a tub of eye cream could lasts you ages. And lastly, I couldn’t be sure of the effectiveness of the product. I bought it because my ex-high school classmate, Jennie highly recommended me the product.


A tub of Kose Sekkisei Eye Cream is worth 5g more compared to any other counter brand of eye cream which comes with 15g only. Kose Sekkisei Eye Cream came with 20g. Like what Jennie mentioned to me earlier, her tub of Kose Sekkisei Eye Cream took her a long time to finish. So, you don’t have to bother using up it up in within a short period. The product came with a spatula for hygiene reason, which I did not use. I would usually wash both my hands with an antibacterial hand liquid wash every time before I start my usual skincare routine.


The texture of Kose Sekkisei Eye Cream is pretty creamy and thick in my opinion. It doesn’t have a strong smell. As a matter of fact, I think it smelled quite natural and not very herbal-ish. It doesn’t smelled like any other skincare products from Kose Sekkisei range. The product can absorb quite well onto my skin but then it takes some time as the absorption doesn’t carry out instantly. I could still feel the sticky texture on my eye areas. But it does leave my skin feeling soft and smooth afterwards.

The product promises to deliver the following effects – whitening, moisturizing, hydrating, anti-aging and soothing tired eyes. Out of the 5 effects, I think it was only able to deliver 3 effects. I couldn’t see any whitening or anti-aging differences that it made around my eye areas. But I could indeed see that my eye areas looked very much moisturized, hydrated and refreshed when it comes to tired eyes.

1. Nice packaging.
2. A little goes a long way.
3. Comes with a spatula, for hygiene reason.
4. Can see my eye areas getting more hydrated, moisturized and refreshed when it comes to tired eyes.
5. Smelled very natural, doesn’t come with overpowering scent.

1. Texture is a little bit creamy and thick.
2. Doesn’t get absorbed onto my skin instantly albeit it does leave my skin soft and smooth afterwards.
3. Doesn’t seems to whiten my eye areas.
4. Fine lines doesn’t seem to have reduced in sight.

Overall Rating: 3.5 out of 5

Price: S$54.50 (Singapore Changi International Airport) S$82 (Singapore’s Kose counters) RM175 (East Malaysia)

Repurchase? Nope, I am thinking of investing on Shiseido White Lucent Anti-Dark Circles Eye Cream next.


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