Dinner @ Sushi Tei, Brunei

Seng Yee, Kaylie and I had dinner at Sushi Tei, Gadong Central yesterday after I finished work at around 7:00p.m. in the evening. Kaylie messaged me at about 6:00p.m. in the afternoon asking me what time I finished work for the day. Told her that I am on early shift for the day but I am meeting up with Seng Yee for dinner at Sushi Tei. I knew that she wanted a companion for dinner so I told her that she could join both Seng Yee and I if she doesn’t mind meeting a new friend. LOL! And luckily enough, Seng Yee doesn’t mind me bringing a plus one.

I called in to make a reservation few hours prior to our arrival. I am afraid that the place would be crowded since this is the fasting season. But surprising enough, there weren’t much patrons in the premise yesterday evening.

Without further ado, let me show you the pictures of the food that we had yesterday evening. And oh Lord, both Seng Yee and I can really eat. I was quite surprised with ourselves when all food were served on our dining table.


Sashimi | B$8.00

B$8.00 for 5 pieces of sashimi was considerably expensive in my opinion. But I was craving for a bit of sashimi, hence I ordered a portion of 5 slices to share. The salmon were juicy and fresh but I think I still prefer the sashimi from Kaizen Sushi Waterfront. The picture of Kaizen Sushi Waterfront sashimi would literally make you drool just by looking at it. LOL!


Hanasaki Ika | B$5.20

I had never ordered anything like this before whenever I dine at a Japanese restaurant. This is quite good actually but it’s not something that you would want to eat on a regular basis. I am not so sure what it is. But according to Seng Yee, it’s some kind of raw squid. The texture is very smooth and there is no slightest hint of raw taste. It’s pretty addictive and makes you want for more.


Kanimayo Tobikko Maki | B$3.50

Another dish which Seng Yee ordered but I did not have one single piece of it. Not so into sushi yesterday evening so I gave it a pass. LOL!


Chicken Katsu Ramen | B$10.80

Kaylie’s main course for the night. As usual, she couldn’t have any seafood. Not even cooked salmon. Sometimes, it’s a bother whenever we go out for Japanese cuisine together because I would have to be the one finishing all the food by myself and she would be sticking onto her Chicken Katsu Don or Ramen. According to Kaylie, the soup base was pretty salty. But other than that, I am pretty sure that she was satisfied with her dinner meal since she doesn’t complain about the rest besides the soup base being salty.


Crunchy Tuna | B$9.00

Alright, these were extremely crunchy but I find the filling inside to be a little bit dry. It came with an accompanying dipping Chili Mayonnaise Sauce. It’s quite a unique creation but I think it’s not the best dish of all the food that I tried yesterday evening.


Agedashi Tofu | B$5.50

The tofu were deep fried to perfection. They were soft and silky inside and little bit crispy on the outside. But the broth that came with it was different compared to any other Agedashi Tofu that I had tried at other Japanese restaurants. This one is the salty version when I usually had the sweet version which is made out of teriyaki sauce? But I think I still prefer the sweet version that comes with teriyaki sauce. Bonito flakes serving was generous though.


Big Tako Yaki Balls | B$5.20

One of my favorite dish of the night – Big Tako Yaki Balls! The size of the Tako Yaki Balls were just right. Perfect fit for the mouth in just one go instead of having to split the entire ball into two servings or more. The content was very filling as well. I realized that Sushi Tei doesn’t go stingy when it comes to their Bonito flakes. Hahaha … xD


Mango Chicken Mayo | B$8.00

Another one of my favorite dish of the night. It’s deep fried chicken thigh fillet topped with Mango Mayonnaise Sauce and generous chunk of ripen mango. The chicken fillet was deep fried to perfection. Crunchy on the outside and juicy on the inside. The meat was super tender as well. The sauce that came with it was the bomb. A very unique creation, I would say. I am not a huge fan of mango, but these mango were sweet enough for me to go ahead with more of them.


Ika Sugata Teriyaki | B$8.50

My most personal favorite picture of the night. LOL! Unfortunately, I was a little bit disappointed with this as I had set high expectation for it. I think the squid was boiled before grilling so that the meat would be cooked. Or maybe I got the entire idea wrong. They could have grilled the whole thing until it’s completely cooked. Unfortunately, I find it to be overcooked as the meat was quite hard to be chewed. And it felt as if you were eating plastic when it’s overcooked. The sauce was nice but just not the squid.


Homemade Chicken Gyoza | B$8.00

This was not bad. The fillings inside were generous and it wasn’t dry on the inside. Some place overdid their Gyoza and the fillings inside ended up being dry.


Salmon Ikura Temaki | B$4.40

It’s finally the one last picture of yesterday’s dinner. Seng Yee’s Salmon Ikura Temaki. I am now a huge fan of Temaki but I forgot to order one for myself, which I am glad about or else my tummy would “combust” if I take in anymore food. LOL!

Sushi Tei
42 & 43, Block C,
Bangunan Gadong Central,
Kampung Menglait,
Brunei Darussalam.
Tel: +673-2449977

Review coming up tomorrow – MADbites Cafe, Peugeot Showroom. And here’s the link to my first review on Sushi Tei few months ago.


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