Review: MADbites Cafe

As promised, here comes my review on MADbites Cafe which is located inside the Peugeot Showroom of Gadong roundabout. I have always wanted to go to the said cafe but I couldn’t find any companion to go with as not all of my friends have a thing for sweet desserts. Not that I am a huge fan of sweet desserts but I have always wanted to try out new things. So after my dinner with Seng Yee and Kaylie at Sushi Tei the other night, we went straight to MADbites Cafe for desserts.

It took me quite long enough to figure out exactly the location of MADbites Cafe. But thankfully, I wasn’t the one driving to the said cafe the other night. I was kinda lazy to drive the other day so I had Seng Yee to be my driver of the night. LOL!

So, here comes the pictures of the cafe as well as their desserts …


MADbites Cafe is located at the far end corner of Peugeot Showroom. The dining area was well equipped with comfy chairs or sofa. The ambiance was cozy in my opinion. They don’t have loud music on play, hence making catching up session pretty comfortable and relaxing. I don’t like cafes which have music blaring loudly from their speakers as if they are opening a karaoke lounge or maybe a pub.


Fresh Fruit Tart | B$4.80

The filling was made out of custard cream. I quite like the texture of their custard cream. It was smooth and light. The taste of custard was not too strong and it came with a little bit of milky taste. The pastry itself was not stiff and not overly sweet as well. I am not a huge fan of pastry myself but this was good enough for my liking.


Macarons | B$10 for 6 pieces

I am sure everyone know what are macarons by now. Macarons originated from France and for those of you who doesn’t enjoy sweet desserts, this may not be something that you would like. I myself is not someone who could stand overly sweet desserts well but I still gave them a try. A piece of macarons is B$2.00 but you can get them at B$10 for 6 pieces. We had Salted Caramel, Minty Chocolate, Coffee, Orange Chocolate and Blueberry.

My personal favorite among them all was Coffee. At first, I was extremely interested with their Salted Caramel but it turned out to be extremely sweet for my liking. Hence, a big no no for Salted Caramel to me. B$2.00 may sound steep for a piece of macarons. But if you notice carefully, the size of their macarons are bigger than any other bakery selling macarons.


Malibu Sunrise | B$4.00


Cappuccino | B$3.50

On the side note, MADbites Cafe is offering 20% during this Ramadan season but macarons are not included in the promotional discount deal. If you had been wanting to try out MADbites Cafe, why wait?

MADbites Cafe
Peugeot Car Showroom
(TCY Motors)
Unit 4, Ground Floor,
Simpang: 22, Kiarong,
Bandar Seri Begawan,
Brunei Darussalam.
Tel: +673-7181887


4 thoughts on “Review: MADbites Cafe

  1. Is Macaroon really that nice? I ate one at Lof’s bakery & all i can tasted is just sugar >.< I don't get why people crazy over it lol. But oh wait! Is it suppose to be crunchy kind of texture? Actually i was shocked because i thought it would be like soft cake kind of texture! How much is the tart? It looks tasty ^_^

    • The macarons at MADbites doesn’t taste as sugary as you described the ones from The Lof, but they were indeed very sweet especially those which came with chocolate fillings.

      Have you ever tried nougat before? The texture of macarons is exactly the same like nougats. Very chewy. LOL!

      I think the tart was around the price of B$3.50 to B$4.50. I misplaced the receipt and couldn’t really recall the exact price.

      I heard their Chocolate Tart was good. Planning to go back try their other tarts. But then, it’s best not to go at night as they ran out pretty quickly and they are not open on Sunday as well.

  2. Ahh i love nougat! Esp from the Australia’s 😀 :9 I shall try other macarons next time. I wish i could go to MADbites cafe. The location place is so unfamiliar sounding lolol..

    • The location was quite remote but it’s visible from the roundabout. Do you know where is WW Mart at Beribi roundabout?

      It usually depends which direction you came from to go MADbites Cafe. Every time I go Kiarong area, I would pass through RIPAS instead so that I don’t have to make use of the roundabout.

      Ever since they installed traffic light system, it was a complete chaos and confusing for noobie driver like me. LOL!

      I also don’t really know how to explain to you the location. But you could try this link. The blogger explained the location. But I found it to be confusing as well. So hopefully, you can understand more after reading his direction instructions.

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