Of Random Things #25

I couldn’t think of anything special to write today. I was supposed to try a new sheet mask yesterday evening after work but I kinda got lazy in the end. So, you know how it turned out to be. But I think I am gonna use it up today since I had left it in the fridge for quite some time already. Thankfully, my skin condition had been quite cooperative for the past two weeks. And hopefully it will stay like that for quite some time.

Anyways, I am quite tempted to get a few new skincare products for myself from Hermo.my. If you are interested, you could always check the website yourself. I find their pricings to be quite reasonable.


German Cheese Tart | B$2.00

A picture of my yesterday’s late night supper. LOL! This is not homemade. I bought it from Mum Bakery yesterday afternoon while waiting at Lee Clinic & Dispensary. I wanted to try Gong Cha at the same time too but then the staff told me that they still don’t have Winter Melon series here in Brunei outlet. Too bad then.


This is how German Cheese Tart looked on the inside.

4 thoughts on “Of Random Things #25

  1. Haha ahh true true! Well before Lof came, i frequently used to go to Mum’s Bakery. Now that after Lof came, i just go to Lof LOL! Sometimes Fun bakery xD

    • I used to frequent Fun Bread a lot previously but then got sick with their buns after some time. Their bread loaves were good though, especially those with fillings like raisins and stuffs.

      Their buns were okay when you first tried them but then you get sick after some time because their buns came with high dose of butter.

      I used to work at The Mall previously and every time I go to work early in the morning and passed by Fun Bread, the smell of butter was very strong. LOL!

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