Review: Misato Teppan Grill, Mabohai Complex

Kaylie and I had dinner at Misato Teppan Grill located at Mabohai Complex yesterday evening after I finished work. Mom had been asking me to buy some groceries home but I kept on forgetting. So, I decided to go Supa Save at Mabohai for some grocery shopping and also had dinner there at the same time. Kaylie asked if I wanted to have supper with her. I said maybe not supper but dinner. At first, she suggested All Seasons Restaurant at Times Square but I rarely go there nowadays since it’s quite hard to get out of the junction from Airport Mall.

Misato Teppan Grill, Mabohai Complex was only opened not long ago, roughly a month or so. It’s located on the second floor just next to Savy’s Brasserie.

So, here comes my review on Misato Teppan Grill …



The dining area itself is not so big. I think it’s about the same size as their main branch in Kiulap but the main branch has two floors. They do have two private dining rooms here in Misato Teppan Grill, which are ideal for big group of families and friends having meals.


All seating areas are well placed with eating utensils and cutlery. You’ll be given a big plate, chopsticks, fork, spoon, tray dish for your grilled food and saucer for your sauce. LOL!

And now, let’s start with the food pictures …


Green Tea

I am not sure if Green Tea is complimentary as majority Japanese restaurants in Brunei usually charge B$1.00 per cup whereby you will be getting bottomless supply of Green Tea throughout the entire meal (sort of). But I don’t see a B$1.00 charge on the receipt, so assuming that it was complimentary or the Cashier had forgotten to bill it onto the receipt.


Teppan – Chicken Teriyaki | B$10.90

Kaylie and I ordered a portion of Chicken Teriyaki to share since she was pretty full from her tea session with one of her friends before she came out to meet me. The waitress suggested that we could go for their double set meal whereby you get 2 portions of Teppan with the choice of beef, chicken and lamb, seafood and another two which I couldn’t recall properly. Side condiments that come with set meal were Ebi Furai and another few which I couldn’t remember as well. A double set meal costs B$29.90, which I find it reasonable based on the menu that they offered. But since Kaylie was still full, I decided not to go greedy and we ordered ala carte meal only.


That’s the chef in action cooking our Chicken Teriyaki. Majority of the food will be cooked right in front of you on the sizzling pan. Therefore, you could be well assured that your food would definitely be freshly cooked instead of pre-cooked in the first place and left it there for quite some time before serving.


That’s the final look of our Chicken Teriyaki. The chicken was pretty flavorful to me. But I find it to be a little bit too salty. Perhaps that’s because both Kaylie and I did not have it with plain rice. Hence, it tasted quite salty to us. I am sure that it will taste just right and perfect if you had it with plain rice.


Chicken Okonomiyaki | B$10.00

I ordered for chicken since Kaylie doesn’t eat seafood and lamb while I don’t eat beef. So, chicken was the safest option for the both of us back then. Unfortunately, this was not the kind of Okonomiyaki that I had in mind. It’s too dry and taste floury for my liking. For those of you who likes vegetables, you are definitely gonna like it because they served generous amount of vegetables in the Okonomiyaki. Bonito flakes serving was generous as well.

Anyways, I still preferred the Okonomiyaki from both Kitaro Japanese Restaurant and Gohan Sushi Restaurant. Click here and here for the images. Hopefully you’ll understand why I don’t like Misato’s version of Okonomiyaki. Not because they have generous serving of Japanese Mayonnaise but they don’t look that dry.

Overall Rating: 8 out of 10

Verdict: Customer service was good in my opinion. The staffs were detail orientated. I dropped my fork yesterday before meal and I think the waitress might have saw it. And she immediately brought a new fork for me while on the way serving us our Green Tea. A plus point to the waitress for being attentive. I liked their Teppan but only if I have it with plain rice. LOL! The Chicken Okonomiyaki was a disappointment though. I don’t mind returning to Misato Teppan Grill for their Teppan and some of their other sushi dishes like Mona Lisa and Volcano Rolls. Those were to die for!

A colleague of mine who went Misato Teppan Grill before me said that the ventilation system at the said restaurant was good as he doesn’t smell like grilled chicken by the end of the meal. But unfortunately, I smelled myself like a grilled human by the end of the meal. Not as horrible as the previous time when I went Sarang Korean Restaurant with Seng Yee and Jia but still …

Misato Teppan Grill
Unit 203, Mabohai Complex,
Simpang: 99, Jalan Kebangsaan Lama,
Bandar Seri Begawan,
Brunei Darussalam.
Tel: +673-2241331


2 thoughts on “Review: Misato Teppan Grill, Mabohai Complex

  1. Ahh so this is how the new Misato restaurant at Mabohai looks like. The interior looks ordinary judging from that pic xD I’ve never had Teppanyaki before.

    • Yeah, that’s how Misato looked like on the inside. This was only the dining area. They had a separate reception area. Small but at least they separated it.

      This was my first time having Teppanyaki as well. I tried Excapade Teppanyaki before but food were not cooked right in front of us though. LOL!

      Did you know that Excapade Sushi had opened up another branch in the town centre? Do you know where was Cafe Vito previously in Bandar? I think it’s the next block of The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf nearby HSBC.

      And the previous Pizza Hut next to it, it was taken over by Sapphira Cake House. I found out these information through friend’s Instagram (if you are wondering how come I knew so much). LOL!

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