Lunch @ Fun Wok Hong Kong Restaurant

I had wanted to dine at the newly opened Excapade Sushi in town which was previously Cafe Vito. But Kaylie complained that she had been having too much of Japanese cuisine lately and she doesn’t feel like having it again yesterday. I suggested Koryo Restaurant at first. But she suggested Fun Wok Hong Kong Restaurant over Koryo Restaurant. So, the former it is. One of the reason the both of us chose Kiulap was because it wouldn’t be as congested as Gadong. Unfortunately, we were both wrong yesterday afternoon. The place was quite crowded with cars. I have to make two turns and parked few blocks away because there was no parking space at the nearby area.

If you had been to Fun Wok Hong Kong Restaurant, you would have known that they are quite famous with their dim sum too. I am not a huge fan of dim sum so I did not order any. But Kaylie did.

So, here comes the food pictures …


Steamed Beancurd Roll | B$2.50


Shredded Chicken With Fried Egg | B$5.80

Kaylie’s choice of lunch. Her dish looked quite plain to me but at least it was not as oily as mine. She actually wanted her rice to be fried but it came out to be plain rice only. Portion was extremely huge in my opinion. This could eat for two just fine.


Deep Fried Chicken With Fried Rice | B$5.80

My choice of lunch for yesterday. I did not know that my dish would come in fried rice. I thought I would be given plain rice like Kaylie did. The fried rice was nicely done but I find it tad bit too oily for my liking. The Deep Fried Chicken was done to perfectly. A little bit crispy on the inside but juicy and tender on the inside. Portion was huge for me as well. So, I would suggest that you share with a friend if you yourself are not a heavy eater.

Fun Wok Hong Kong Restaurant
#04-06, Ground Floor,
Kiulap Plaza Hotel,
Kampung Kiulap,
Bandar Seri Begawan,
Brunei Darussalam.
Tel: +673-2232397


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